Destiny 2's Horned Wreath Location Guide: Where Is The Chamber Of Night?

Here's the location of the Chamber of Night and the Horned Wreath--prepare for a long walk.


Destiny 2's new moon location includes a bunch of new gear to find. To get most of it, you'll have to fight the new Nightmare enemies scattered throughout across the moon and in Nightmare hunts, which will unlock a series of quests related after you've beaten them. Using the Lectern of Enchantment unlocked during the story, you can acquire Essence quests that you can repeat to gain various guns and armor. One of those is the Essence of Vanity, which, upon completion, rewards you with the Tranquility sniper rifle. Two of the three quest steps are fairly simple and straightforward, but the third requires you to go to a specific place that can be tough to find without any directions. It asks you to find the Horned Wreath in the Chamber of Night. Here's where the Wreath is located.

Unfortunately, reaching the Horned Wreath is a much more complex process compared with the Captive Cord, for instance. The Wreath is found under the surface of the moon, deep in the series of tunnels that the Hive have constructed. From a landing zone on the surface, it takes several minutes to get where you need to go. Once you do finally reach the correct area, you'll receive an objective marker once the Wreath is nearby. Here's a rough outline of what's involved, but we'd recommend checking out the video guide above so you can follow along more easily.

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Where To Find Horned Wreath

  • Spawn at Sanctuary and hop on your sparrow, making your way out the right exit
  • Go straight through the Anchor of Light into the Hellmouth
  • Continue straight until you enter a Hive structure through a hole in the side
  • Turn left and make your way down the stairs, then turn right to go down another set of stairs
  • Continue advancing through the ensuing areas until you go down a hallway with a high ceiling and an exit on the left
  • Move forward and then take a right down the hallway in the next area
  • You should now be moving through a series of caves, enter a room, and then exit into another set of caves
  • Proceed into an area with platforms suspended high above a chasm; make a jump over the chasm to go through a door, which should trigger a message saying you're in the Circle of Bones
  • Move through the tunnels and the room to enter a wide-open area; head right until you see a doorway with what looks like a bright Hive chandelier above it
  • Continue along the path and you should be notified you've entered The World's Grave
  • Take a right and go through the large doorway, then keep advancing until you enter a dark corridor that should trigger your flashlight; you'll be notified you're now in the Chamber of Night
  • Move straight through a series of rooms and hallways filled with enemies until you come into a more wide-open room, and you should--finally!--see an objective marker for the Wreath
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As with the other quests like this, finding the Horned Wreath is the trickiest part, but it's only one of three steps you'll need to complete.

Essence of Vanity Quest Steps

  • Activities Completed (patrols, public events, Lost Sectors on the moon)
  • Sniper Rifle kills
  • Horned Wreath found

Once you knock out all three steps, you can return to the Lectern to receive Tranquility, a kinetic weapon slot sniper rifle. As with other weapons obtained through Essence quests, you can reacquire the quest from the Lectern to try getting a different roll. Thankfully, the Horned Wreath step only needs to be done the first thing you ever do the quest.

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You can purchase Essence of Vanity at the Lectern for a Phantasmal Core, which can be earned from some Eris Morn bounties or bought for 20 Phantasmal Fragments. The Fragments themselves are earned by killing Nightmares, or you can buy them (again at the Lectern) for 25 Helium Fragments.

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