Destiny 2's Halloween Armor Will Be Mech-Themed This Year, Here's A Sneak Peek

Go ahead, mech my day.


Destiny 2 fans--or at least more than half of them--have voted for a new set of armor ornaments that'll be available when Festival of the Lost rolls around later this year, with the Mech-themed gear triumphing over a refreshed version of Monster armor.

Not to be confused with the energy drink, Monster-themed armor lost out when all the votes were tallied up, as 52% of the votes went towards the option of adorning Guardians in Mech gear that looks like it was inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam and Pacific Rim. As a reminder, here's the concept art for the Mech armor ornaments that players will be grinding for during Destiny 2's annual Halloween-themed event:

Now that looks mechnificent.
Now that looks mechnificent.

The other big Destiny 2 news this week was the announcement of a new raid and a dungeon rotator, which will reward players with sought-after Pinnacle gear engrams once completed. This will come into effect in Season 17 according to the This Week At Bungie post, with older raids and dungeons entering into rotation and also offering Pinnacle drops once completed.

Other recent changes to Destiny 2 include Xur's inventory no longer having armor with junk-tier stats and the Iron Banner PvP event will also be getting a rework in the near future. To see where Xur is this weekend, you can check our post once the daily update kicks in.

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