Destiny 2's Free-To-Play New Light Version Offers A Staggering Amount Of Content

What do you get for free by playing Destiny 2: New Light? Here's everything that's included.


If you're contemplating jumping into Destiny 2, now is a great time to do so. Bungie has announced everything that comes free in New Light--a free-to-play version of the game that releases alongside the Shadowkeep expansion on October 1. There's a lot there; it's pretty much everything minus the post-Year 1 raids, Exotic quests, and Forsaken campaign.

In a tweet, Bungie reveals New Light will put you at a starting Power level of 750 and open up all free roam destinations right from the get-go. In terms of weapons and armor, you'll have all exotics from Year 1. New Light also includes The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind campaigns, as well as the Black Armory Forges, Gambit Prime, and The Menagerie. All the Nightfall Strikes from Year 1 are packaged into New Light too. You can also get all the ranks and rewards tied to seasonal events.

On Twitter, Bungie has clarified several of the possible discrepancies that New Light seemingly creates. Specifically, even though it's not listed, New Light does actually come with The Reckoning as well, allowing you to farm for the Gambit Prime armor. Also, though completing activities like the Black Armory Forges and The Menagerie will still net you their respective rewards, the Exotics tied to them are not available for New Light players.

All players, whether veteran or newcomer, should do a few things before Destiny 2: Year 2 comes to an end. You don't want to go into Year 3 with excessive baggage nor do you want to end your time in Year 2 without acquiring certain items. There are a few quests you should finish mopping up, for instance, and stockpiling on Bright Dust is a pretty good idea. When Year 3 begins, it will introduce the standalone Shadowkeep expansion as well as a reworked version of the moon location from the first Destiny. Expect tougher Nightfalls, but much better rewards. Be sure you're ready.

Destiny 2 is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Edited By Barighm

Am I the only one who would have preferred not starting at a high power level and a bunch of exotics? I would rather enjoy the story from the beginning with a fresh character. can get grouped with other players to do strikes now, right? No more of this locked out of content you paid for if you don't own the latest expansion junk?

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Mogan  Moderator

@Barighm: New characters will still get to go through the campaigns, and they'll still have to find all their exotics as usual.

The whole point of starting everybody at 750 is so new players can play with their friends quicker. I imagine they'll end up crunching the power numbers eventually and make 750 the new 1, but right now that'd just piss players off, since 750's the current cap.

As far as I know, nobody lost access to anything they'd bought with Forsaken, and I don't think you will for Shadowkeep either. You just wont be able to play all the new content without buying it.

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