Destiny 2's Free Pop-Tart Bonuses Are A Bit Of A Hassle

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Alongside the freebies you can obtain by picking up specially marked cans of Monster, another Destiny 2 promotional tie-in involves Pop-Tarts. But before you run out to the store and pick up a box, be aware that the redemption process isn't as straightforward as you might hope--and definitely be sure to keep your receipt.

Special, Destiny-branded Pop-Tart boxes are now available in stores. As announced in August, purchasing one nets you a temporary XP boost in Destiny 2, allowing you to level up more quickly. (Target also has a special offer that gets you a special Sparrow vehicle.) But the exact process is not as simple as opening the box and redeeming a code in-game.

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First, you'll have to buy a participating box by the end of 2017. Then, you'll send a photo of the receipt and the phrase "D2XP" to the number 89332 in a single message; alternatively, you can email the same info to You'll then receive a code providing the XP boost within 72 hours. You may also need to enroll in the Kellogg's Family Rewards program, but just be sure the entire receipt is pictured.

The official instructions are hilariously long for what should seemingly be something simple--you'll need to ensure the full receipt is pictured with all four corners, the store name, date, bar code, item, and price all visible. If you have a large receipt that won't fit in one image, you can send multiple images in the same text message--but don't send more than five! That won't work. That would be ridiculous.

Wherever you buy the Pop-Tarts from, you'll receive a code that provides a 25% XP boost for four hours. Target codes will provide a special red Sparrow; Walmart will also provide its own separate bonus starting on November 2, providing two 25% XP boosts (lasting four hours each), but no Sparrow. If you'd prefer to play without any special boost, check out our guide to leveling up quickly in Destiny 2. And for all of our coverage, check out roundup of everything you need to know about Destiny 2.

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