Destiny 2's Final 2021 Patch Is Going To Make The Game Easier On Your Eyes

Retina-searing visual effects are being toned down in Destiny 2 later this year, plus other changes are coming to the Blind Well and The Corrupted strike.


Only a few weeks remain before 2021 is done and dusted, but Destiny 2 developer Bungie still has one final patch on the way for its sandbox before it closes up shop for the holiday season. In its latest blog post, Bungie outlined a few changes to its sandbox that players can expect, with tweaks coming to the Blind Well, general fixes to The Corrupted strike, and a number of visual changes to some of the game's most dazzling special effects.

Photosensitivity changes include a number of technical tweaks on effects, such as explosions having a reduced brightness flash, Hive headshot VFX being toned down, and Arc abilities having reduced flashing effects. Essentially, Bungie's reworking bright flashes of light across a number of areas, something your retinas will appreciate when they're not being subjected to a piercing amount of light.

In the Blind Well, you can expect to see more frequent drops of Dreaming City weapons upon successful completion of that activity. As for The Corrupted, there's a wide number of fixes and tweaks coming to that Strike, such as ensuring that it doesn't take too long to complete, making the final boss fight less punishing, and ensuring that no straggling Guardian has been left behind:

The Corrupted: General Strike Fixes

  • To reduce the overall length of the strike and make it less painful after hard wipes in the elevator encounter, we have removed the Taken combatants in the dark Ascendant Plane hallway leading up to the elevator.
  • If a fireteam hard wipes during the final phase of the boss fight in the Ascendant Realm, when they respawn the portal to the Ascendant Realm will take them straight to Phase 2, instead of making them replay the platforming section between Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  • When a fireteam arrives at the platforming area before the boss fight in The Adytum, any fireteam members or Ghosts left behind in earlier parts of the strike will now be teleported forward to join their fireteam.
  • When players begin the elevator encounter, any straggler players or their Ghosts will be pulled forward to join their fireteam.
  • Fixed an issue where Sedia's shields would regenerate faster than expected on Nightfall difficulties. Her shields now regenerate based on health threshold in Nightfalls, just like they do in Direct Launch or the Vanguard Playlist.
  • The portal to the Ascendant Realm after Phase 1 of the boss fight should now reliably place players facing the correct direction.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the combatants from walking to part of the right-side area during the first half of the boss-fight. Psions should now spread out a little bit more on that right platform.
  • Fixed an issue where a Taken Acolytes was spawning and immediately falling to its death during the floating platform area before the boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain conditions, the relic would de-spawn and never respawn during the boss phase.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where the relic spawners during the boss would spin before the relic was spawned.

With Bungie preparing to celebrate its 30th Anniversary, a number of other big changes are on the horizon for Destiny 2 ahead of The Witch Queen expansion's launch in February 2022. An homage to Destiny's infamous loot cave will be featured in the game soon, Xur is apparently friends with a space-horse now, and it'll soon be easier to acquire Exotic ornaments for the rarest gear in the game. All that, and a tease that the Taken King Oryx may soon return from the dead.

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