Destiny 2's Festival Of The Lost Event Now Live

Celebrate the dear departed with some sweet loot.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2: Forsaken's Festival Of The Lost Event With The Haunted Forest

The Destiny 2 Halloween event Festival of the Lost, introducing all manner of special rewards to collect and new activities to enjoy. The activities include a murder mystery story quest and a Horde-like enemy wave area. For your troubles you can earn some loot and unique items, like goofy masks of Destiny celebs. Check out our Festival of the Lost gallery for a look at the cosmetics.

A new story quest has you solving the murder of Master Ives, a Cryptarch from the Reef. Solving the mystery will gain you Powerful loot for your trouble, along with the satisfaction of knowing you did some quality police work. The Infinite Forest from the Curse of Osiris is getting a refresh as the "Haunted Forest," which will send waves of enemies in randomized layouts. You can delve deeper and deeper into the forest to take on increasingly tough waves, but you only have 15 minutes to take down as many as you can.

All those festivities sound merry and bright, but this year's Festival of the Lost will be a little more somber than in past years. Major character and quest-giver Cayde-6 is now among the fallen Guardians. We can expect the Tower to be an even sadder place than it already was. Keep him in your thoughts as you wear your funny paper mache masks and chase down the new Ephemeral Engrams.

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Another update out now increases Scout Rifle damage, decreases the drop rate of the grenade launcher Edge Transit, and fixes assorted bugs. A separate event, kicking off alongside Festival of the Lost today, is the newly revised Iron Banner. The challenges have been tweaked to be a little easier to achieve and earn your best loot. It will last through October 23.

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