Destiny 2's Farm Has A Really Cool Hidden Easter Egg

This Scouting Mission Easter Egg in the game's new social space is not easy to find.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2 - Secret Farm Scouting Mission And Investigations

Destiny 2 is out today, and most people are rushing to blast through the campaign and get ready for next week's Raid. But if you're willing to take a break from leveling up, the Farm social space holds an intriguing secret that you might have overlooked.

Mild spoilers for Destiny 2 secrets ahead. If this is something that you want to try and discover on your own, you'll want to skip the rest of this story.

Originally revealed on the Destiny Reddit forum by user Myndit, you can (temporarily) unlock a nifty glowing look and the ability to jump really high in the social space by following a very specific series of steps. We've outlined exactly what you need to do in the video above, but here's the shorthand to activate and complete the Farm's Scouting Patrol. Note that you can complete these initial steps in whatever order you'd like.

  1. Head over to where Tess Everis is selling her wares.
  2. Hop on top of her tarp, and take a running jump toward the watermill building.
  3. Walk to the waterwheel and walk on top until you see text pop up that says "Sentry Ranks" and "Wheel Boost" completed. From here, your character will glow blue, and you can jump higher.
  4. Walk along the wire connecting the water mill to the tall building that the Postmaster is parked in front of.
  5. Follow the next set of wires connecting that building to the other tall structure where you meet Suraya. You'll automactially activate "Sentry Ranks x4" and "Vertigo Completed."
  6. Next, you'll head to the camp fire at the opposite end of the Farm from the soccer field.
  7. Activate "Scouting Patrol." You'll glow red and be able to jump even higher (though beware, you still take falling damage).
  8. Follow the glowing lights (around 10 in all) until you've hit them all, after which, you'll get to keep the cool glowing effect called "Commander's Blessing" until you either leave the Farm or die.

The entire journey feels a bit random, but it's a cool effect. Does it have a deeper meaning or some other use that we haven't discovered yet? We'll have to wait to find out. In the meantime, if you're looking for more tips about how to be better at Destiny 2, check out our guide here.

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Avatar image for zerohournow

"unlock a nifty glowing look and the ability to jump really high in the ""social space"" how is this useful again?

Avatar image for vfighter

@zerohournow: It's not, just a neat Easter egg.

Avatar image for khanwashere

It's ok.. not really cool. That would entail earning something you can keep and is useful in the game.

Avatar image for kristiambrose

LOL well. I got this, but I was just doing random stuff. I kept saying to my cousin "wtf is this Commander's Blessing thing on my screen" well. Now we know. What a coincidence that I just did all that stuff randomly and it happened. Are you sure that this is an easter egg now and not an easter egg on the day of the release? I just cannot image how I could have done everything so perfectly and in the right order - without meaning to lol

Avatar image for TrueLink

Well, this explains what the sentry ranks I got walking between the buildings Thursday night were.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

I recall there being a mansion in fable 3, Easter egg with a chess board.

Would be funny if it was almost like Borderlands 2 crazy lil girls dungeon quest.

Avatar image for Spiritbomb2012

@lorddaggeroff: you mean Tiny Tina?