Destiny 2's Current Iron Banner Event Has Changed

Expect a bigger variety of maps in your Crucible rotation.


Bungie announced earlier this week that the latest Iron Banner in Destiny 2 has gone through some changes. While the first half of the week saw only three maps on rotation in Iron Banner, the playlist currently has a more traditional assortment of maps to play in the Crucible once the update goes into effect.

"Iron Banner's first two days have been an intentional showcase of the newest Crucible maps in Destiny 2," Bungie wrote in a tweet. "Starting on Thursday, the rest of the week will feature a varying mix of both new and classic maps."

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This Iron Banner is the first to occur in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, making it the first of the game's eighth season, Season of the Undying, too. Those familiar with Destiny 2 can expect this latest Iron Banner to follow the core conceit of the previous events: level advantages have been temporarily enabled in the Crucible. That means you should be equipping your highest Power level gear when jumping into a match.

But not everything is the same in Iron Banner this time around. In order to earn the limited-time rewards tied to the event, this time you'll need to complete a new seasonal pursuit first. Called Scour the Rust, the quest is acquired from Lord Saladin at the Tower. Until you complete Scour the Rust, you will not be able to turn in the tokens you earn for playing in the Crucible, preventing you from earning Iron Banner's rewards.

Though Scour the Rust will remain in-game for the rest of the season--likely as the required entry point for any future Iron Banner events during Season of the Undying--this instance of Iron Banner only lasts until Tuesday, October 22 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. So if you want the rewards tied to this Iron Banner, you should complete Scour the Rust sooner rather than later.

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