Destiny 2's Broken Prometheus Lens Weapon Is For Sale As Curse Of Osiris's First Trials Begins

Crucible is about to get even messier.


Destiny 2's Prometheus Lens, a trace rifle weapon added in the newly released Curse of Osiris expansion, is broken. Not broken in the way that fans sometimes refer to a weapon in a game that they feel is overpowered; Prometheus Lens is devastatingly effective in Crucible, and Bungie said that's because of a bug. A fix won't arrive until next week, and players speculated that its power could cause the cancellation of this weekend's Trials of the Nine event, similar to what happened when a map exploit was discovered in October. Instead, Trials is going ahead, and Bungie is leaning into the entire situation.

The mysterious merchant who shows up weekly to sell a random assortment of Exotic items, Xur, has arrived today. What's he selling? Why, Prometheus Lens, of course. Whether this is happenstance or a deliberate decision by Bungie (hoping to at least level the playing field by ensuring everyone can use the gun), the studio acknowledged this week's Xur inventory on Twitter.

"Did you make a bet that we wouldn't let Xur sell Prometheus Lens?" it wrote in a tweet immediately after Xur's arrival. "It's available in the EDZ. Your move." This is possibly in reference to a Reddit post where a player said they would shave their head (and then glue the hair to their face) if Xur sold the weapon.

The item sells for 29 Legendary Shards, the same as a typical Exotic weapon sold by Xur. As a Curse of Osiris weapon, only DLC owners will be able to purchase it, which is troubling given that non-DLC owners have already found themselves locked out of some content, and now face an uphill battle in Crucible until patch 1.1.1's release on Tuesday.

This instance of Trials will be a weird one, as it's a highly competitive event where the stakes are higher than in a standard PvP match. Players compete to rack up seven wins before suffering three losses (and, ideally, with no losses at all). As you can see in the video above, Prometheus Lens annihilates enemies and can swing a match just by one player using it. A four-on-four showdown between eight players with it equipped will be especially bizarre, and will perhaps be akin to the old one-shot-kill Instagib matches I remember so fondly from the Unreal Tournament days.

Xur's showing should make the next few days in Crucible either terrible or really fun. It'll certainly be memorable.

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