Destiny 2's Annual Dawning Event Has Some Great Armor Sets This Year

Jingle all the way into the new year with Destiny 2's new Dawning armor cosmetics, and strike back at humanity's greatest enemies that happen to be on the naughty list.


It's the season to not only be jolly but to dress in extremely fashionable armor while keeping extinction-level forces at bay with a selection of wonderful toys. For the last couple of years, Destiny 2 has offered a festive fracas in its annual Dawning event, and according to data-mining site, this year will be no exception.

The Dawning will return today after the weekly reset kicks in and will run until January 4. As usual, you can expect a few quests that revolve around gathering baking ingredients for everyone's favorite granny, Eva Levante, who'll offer a range of weapons and gear as rewards. Remember, the best space-cookies are the ones gathered from the slaughtered remains of death-worshipping monsters and time-traveling robots programmed for homicide.

Some of the equipment includes a new set of armor cosmetics called Dendrite Shimmer, which looks terrific:

These Guardians weren't on the naughty list.
These Guardians weren't on the naughty list.

As for everything else, it looks like a range of new and old gear will be available from Eva Levante and the Eververse store. If you missed out on any Dawning-themed gear during previous events, now's a good time to fill those gaps in your collection:

  • Glacioclasm - Void fusion rifle
  • Cold Front - Kinetic SMG
  • Avalanche - Solar machine gun
  • Zephyr - Arc sword
  • New Exotic ship
  • Cheerspreader - Riskrunner SMG Exotic weapon ornament
  • Compliance - Anarchy grenade launcher Exotic weapon ornament
  • Dendrite Shimmer armor ornaments
  • Exotic Ghost shell
  • Exotic Sparrow
  • Exotic and Legendary emotes

Destiny 2 will have a big 2022 with The Witch Queen expansion, which arrives on February 22. Until then, you can also engage in some celebrations with Bungie's 30th anniversary content. Just don't expect to use the Exotics Mechaneer's Tricksleeves and Icefall Mantle, as those have been temporarily disabled to prevent any exploits from popping up.

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