Destiny 2's Annoying Phalanx Enemies Have An Awesome New Weakness

Shoot them where it hurts.


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One of Destiny 2's most common and annoying foes is an upgraded version of an old enemy: the Cabal Phalanx. These heavily armored brutes hold a gigantic shield in their off-hand, shooting at you with impunity from the other side. On top of that, in Destiny 2 they've gained the ability to massively increase the size of that shield, extending it on both sides to provide cover for their idiot Cabal friends.

Thankfully, there's something else new about Phalanxes in Destiny 2: their weakness.

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In the original Destiny, defeating Phalanxes usually involved either chucking a grenade behind them, or shooting the tiny bit of arm visible sticking outside their shields. In Destiny 2, they've been granted a brand new weak spot, smack in the middle of those shields. Ping that glowing spot with a few shots and the shields retract, stunning the jerks in the process.

If you're new to Destiny this may seem obvious. But returning players might find it a surprise. After three years, it's pretty well ingrained in our brains not to waste ammo shooting the Cabal soldiers' impenetrable shields. And the big glowing spot isn't as clear a tell as you might think, given that the Taken versions of Phalanxes have a similar spot on their shields, which they use as a weapon.

Thankfully, Destiny 2 Phalanxes didn't gain that ability along with their new weakness. Put this one firmly in the "thanks Bungie" category, and happy Cabal hunting, Guardians.

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