Destiny 2's 4v4 Crucible Multiplayer Gets A New Trailer

Competitive multiplayer in action.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2 – Official Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

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There's a new trailer showing off Destiny 2's competitive multiplayer, and we're getting a look at the total carnage that erupts in the game's 4v4 battles.

"Enter the Crucible to fight, to conquer, to crush...Don't be captured, show your enemy what a real fight looks like," says the trailer's narrator, Lord Shaxx, as the game's three central classes--Hunter, Titan, and Warlock--and their abilities are showcased. Check out the new trailer above.

In May, developer Bungie announced it would be overhauling the series' multiplayer in Destiny 2. The game will limit competitive multiplayer to 4v4, focusing on battles between smaller teams. Game director Luke Smith said the changes are caused by Bungie's desire to rethink "the Crucible from first principles."

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and for PC on October 24. GameSpot has extensive Destiny 2 coverage here, including the latest news on the PC version, which is getting a beta test later in August. You can read everything the PC beta includes here, including the Countdown and Control competitive multiplayer modes.

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Avatar image for bfcochran16

Can't wait for this game. Although 6v6 was better IMO. Still 4v4 is polished and that's what matters.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

Looks Good ! Destiny PvP works well .. looks like more of the same !

Avatar image for ThePlantain

No thanks. Strictly PvE for me this time around.

Avatar image for connorman01

god the advertising for this game is so cliche and cringy but damn the game itself looks gud

Avatar image for mogan

@connorman01: It's the publisher behind Call of Duty and the developer behind Halo, that's pretty much a perfect storm of stupid mainstream marketing. : \