Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide: Where Is Xur, What Exotics Is He Selling? (December 11)

Xur brings a Prometheus Lens for all.

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Destiny 2

Curse of Osiris has been released for Destiny 2, kicking off the shooter's Season 2 and introducing a variety of new gear. Xur has now arrived, marking his first appearance during the new season to sell more Exotic armor and an Exotic weapon. For the second week in a row, he can be found in the same spot on Earth; here's exactly where to find Xur and what he's selling.

Xur has taken up temporary residence once again in the EDZ's Winding Cove. To reach him, fast travel to the Winding Cove landing zone and jump on your Sparrow. You'll see a winding road to your left--head up there, and you'll come upon a cliff with a downed ship. Exit your sparrow and jump up the rocks to the right side. (You can also jump on the left and then walk across the top of the ship, but you'll need to be fast, as this is technically out of bounds.) Once you reach the top, Xur will be right in front of you.

While his location might not be new, some of the gear he is selling is. Two of the four items for sale are from Curse of Osiris, including Titan leg armor. More notably, Xur's weapon this week is the trace rifle Prometheus Lens--the same Prometheus Lens that is wrecking players in Crucible right now due to a bug. Bungie has said a fix is coming, but not until update 1.1.1 next week, meaning Crucible--and the newly launched Trials of the Nine--are going to be especially chaotic, albeit with everyone having a fair shot at using the gun. Here's everything Xur has for sale this week:

  • Prometheus Lens (Trace Rifle) -- 29 Legendary Shards
  • The Dragon's Shadow (Hunter Chest Armor) -- 23 Legendary Shards
  • Nezarec's Sin (Warlock Helmet) -- 23 Legendary Shards
  • Mk. 44 Stand Asides (Titan Leg Armor) -- 23 Legendary Shards
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That's all Xur has for this week. Bungie previously announced that he would begin selling a new Three of Coins item, as well as Fated Engrams (which will provide you with an Exotic you don't already own). However, it appears that will have to wait until next week, after the next patch.

The release of Curse of Osiris has resulted in non-DLC owners losing access to some activities in the game. With both Prometheus Lens and the Stand Asides being Osiris items, that means those looking to buy a weapon or Titan gear from Xur this week will have to own the DLC. Locking players out of some content--namely the Prestige Nightfall and Prestige Raid--means it's now impossible to earn all Trophies and Achievements in the base game. Bungie has said it will address this issue, but it has not yet indicated if it will provide more content to non-DLC owners.

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