Destiny 2 Will Star A Mystical Space Horse For Bungie's 30th Anniversary Event

Unfortunately, it's not a unicorn, but Guardians have seen this mysterious space horse before.


Bungie unveiled a thought-provoking image of Xur and space horse on Twitter just days before the Bungie 30th Anniversary event begins in Destiny 2. Both Xur and the horse are standing in front of a dial of the solar system surrounded by symbols representing different enemies. It's likely a screenshot from the upcoming six-player Dares of Eternity activity.

In another screenshot from Bungie's 30th Anniversary Steam page, the horse is standing in the Treasure Room for the Dares of Eternity. Even the This Week At Bungie header highlighted the perplexing relationship between the space horse and Xur. The image has silhouettes of Xur and the space horse on opposite sides of the image. The background shows symbols of the Nine and a sphere that looks like an eclipse which was often seen in Gambit and Crucible maps relating to the Nine.

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However, this isn't the first time we've seen this horse in Destiny. During Season of the Drifter in early 2019, a cutscene showed how the Drifter spoke to the Emissary of the Nine in an empty plane that resembled the location from the end of the Prophecy dungeon. This is where he saw this glistening animal and literally said, "A horse." Think further back and you may remember a Trials of the Nine flawless emblem called You Are Worthy which has a horse head in outer space too.

Related to all of that, the Destiny lore has told us how Orin, an Awoken Guardian, became the Emissary of the Nine. The Emissary is the one who showed the space horse to the Drifter in the first place. Orin even fought Xur before becoming the Emissary in the lore piece Debt from Season of the Drifter. Clearly there is a connection between Drifter, the Emissary, the Nine, and Xur, and the one thing that relates to them all is the space horse.

Bungie is hinting at something, but we'll have to wait to see what happens during the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC which starts on December 7. Although the Dares of Eternity activity will be available to all Destiny 2 players, the Anniversary Pack will let players access additional cosmetic loot.

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