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Destiny 2 Will Have PS4-Exclusive Content For A Limited Time

If you're eager to play everything as soon as possible, you'll want to play Destiny 2 on PS4.


As with its predecessor, Destiny 2 will offer certain content first on PS4.

Sony's official PlayStation YouTube channel has uploaded its version of the new Destiny 2 teaser trailer, and it lasts a few extra seconds. That's to make time for the screen pictured below, which reveals that unspecified content will be exclusive to PS4 for a limited time.

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The fine print on this notes, "Timed exclusive content until at least Fall 2018." It also promises we'll learn more about the content in question sometime this summer. The game itself does not yet have a release date; Activision previously pegged it for a fall release, while a recent leak suggested it'll be out in September. That same leak also indicated Destiny 2 will have a beta that is available first on PS4.

Activision had a similar arrangement with Sony to offer timed exclusive content for the original Destiny on PS4 and PS3. Since launch, Xbox players have been forced to wait a year or more to access certain content, including Strikes, multiplayer maps, ships, and more. Rise of Iron's exclusive content is not yet available on Xbox One.

Destiny 2 is rumored to release for PC in addition to PS4 and Xbox One. If that proves to be true, PC players may also be subjected to this wait for Destiny content.

Following the release of yesterday's teaser image and today's teaser trailer, a proper reveal trailer for Destiny 2 is slated to arrive this Thursday, March 30.

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