Destiny 2 Warmind DLC's Story Set Up In First Trailer

Players are headed back to Mars to deal with Rasputin and the Hive.


Destiny 2's new Warmind DLC, which releases in May, again takes players to Mars. But this time around, they'll be playing in the new Hellas Basins area. It also features the introduction of a new Guardian, Ana Bray, who is set to play a central role in the expansion and is featured prominently in the prologue trailer.

The video (above) opens with Bray talking about how Guardians aren't supposed to explore their pasts but that she's decided to do so anyway. She talks about Rasputin, the AI Warmind who is back for this DLC and was apparently created in this new area on Mars. Satellites from the Golden Age have begun descending toward the planet, and the glaciers they strike have melted and revealed both Rasputin's core and frozen Hive enemies, who serve as the main antagonist of the expansion. The trailer concludes with some sort of massive object casting a shadow over the area and Bray, who prepares for battle.

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In addition to being a figure in the story, Bray will also serve as a vendor for players in the new area. Here, you'll take part in the new story missions as you seek to "stop the rise of the Hive army." There's of course new gear--including new Exotic weapons and armor--to acquire and an endgame event activity that is sort of like a take on Horde mode. It's called Escalation Protocol, and it involves facing off against waves of Hive enemies. The Leviathan also gets a new Raid Lair, while PS4 players will get some timed exclusive content in the form of a Strike and armor for each class.

All of the new Warmind content coincides with the launch of Season 3 and its accompanying update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That will make changes to Exotic weapons and introduce Crucible rankings and private matches, among other things. That will all be free, whereas Warmind will be priced at $20/£17.19. However, if all you care about are its new Crucible maps, those will be playable for everyone in standard matchmaking, regardless of whether you purchase the DLC.

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