Destiny 2 Wanted: Blood Cleaver Bounty Guide -- Here's What To Do

Here's how to kick Blood Cleaver out of that stupid dome of his.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2 Guide For Wanted: Blood Cleaver -- Powerful Gear Bounty (Oct. 16-23)

The highlight of the latest weekly reset in Destiny 2 is undoubtedly Festival of the Lost and the return of Iron Banner. But it's also brought with it the standard refresh of content, which includes an appearance by Xur and a different bounty from Spider to complete for Powerful gear. For this week, it's Wanted: Bloody Cleaver. Here's what you need to know and how to complete it. [Update: It's Monday and the weekly reset is almost upon us, so you don't have much time left to grab this bounty if you haven't already done so.]

Spider's entire slate of bounties have been updated, and to start this one out, you'll want to head to him on the Tangled Shore. Blood Cleaver will be the last (and most expensive) one listed, costing you five Ghost Fragments. But as noted above, it rewards Powerful gear, making this a task worth taking on.

Once you've purchased the bounty, you'll receive a new Adventure on Io. This takes you into a Lost Sector you'll have to make your way through. Partway in, you'll be introduced to the Suppressed nerf, which prevents you from firing your weapon but still allows you to melee. This is key, as the boss will take up residence inside a dome that inflicts this effect on you. You'll have to repeatedly run in and out, dealing damage with your melee (or grenade, if you're fast) to the object in the middle of the dome.

Once it's destroyed, you'll need something called a Scorpius Core. Enemies and turrets will spawn around the outside of the dome, and killing them all will allow you to pick up a Scorpius Core. This can be picked up and brought back to the center of the dome. Dunk it by walking over that spot and the dome will finally go down, allowing you to kill Blood Cleaver. Alternatively, you can simply brute force your way to a kill, as demonstrated in the video above, though that isn't recommended.

It can be a frustrating mission, but it does at least provide some variety after we saw the Gravetide Summoner bounty come up three weeks in a row. If you are looking for something new to do, you can check out the Haunted Forest as part of the new Festival of the Lost event, or dive into Iron Banner to earn its rewards. A new update, 2.0.4, is also now live for the game.

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