Destiny 2 Update Nerfs Linear Fusion Rifles

It also fixes some shaders and a seasonal challenge bug.


This week's hotfix in Destiny 2 repairs shaders, changes linear fusion rifles, and fixes a seasonal challenge. The patch notes clarify the exact fixes and adjustments, which constitute a nerf for the high powered rifles.

The most significant element of the patch alters linear fusion rifles. When players wielding linear fusion rifles are hit by enemy players, they will suffer an increased flinch effect. Additionally, players will take 60% longer to settle after a flinch, similar to a recent change applied to sniper rifles. In brief, this is a nerf that makes it harder to recover and aim after being shot. There have also been changes to specific models of linear fusion rifles. The aim assist cones on the Arbalest and Lorentz Driver were reduced by 35%. These balance adjustments were originally meant to launch with Season 19, but Bungie fast tracked them to this hotfix.

In other smaller changes, the patch fixes an issue where some shaders applied textures incorrectly to Festival of the Lost-themed armor ornaments. The Intended Authority Seasonal Challenge now shows the correct reward, which is the Psychic Warfare emblem.

Bungie Help also noted on Twitter that some PS5 users are unable to download the hotfix. The account promised updates when there is more information to share.

There's been some other glitches and changes in Destiny 2 recently, but some have prompted player speculation. The frequently-broken Telesto suddenly gained an alternate firing mode, firing out a set of sparks. However, holding reload changes it to the standard firing mode. This deliberate quality has some speculating that it is an intentional change, hinting at Destiny 2's future.

You can read the full patch notes below or on Bungie's website.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Fixed an issue were certain shaders applied textures incorrectly to some pieces of the Festival of the Lost mech-themed armor ornaments.

Weapon Balance

Linear Fusion Rifles

  • General
    • Increased the flinch received from player damage.
      • Flinch magnitude from players has been increased to 4x that of Sniper Rifles to make up for the lower zoom and higher aim assist.
    • Increased the flinch settle time by 60%.
      • This change is the same as the one recently applied to Sniper Rifles.
      • Significantly reduced the flinch received from non-player combatants damage by 80%.
    • Arbalest and Lorentz Driver
      • Reduced the aim assist cones by 35%.


  • Fixed an issue where the Intended Authority Seasonal Challenge showed inaccurate rewards.
    • The Psychic Warfare emblem was the right reward and it's now stated as such.
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