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Destiny 2 Update 6.3.0 Overhauls Dozens Of Exotics, Tweaks Subclasses, And Ditches Destination Materials

Season of the Seraph is introducing hundreds of changes to Destiny 2 this week.


Destiny 2's latest season, Season of the Seraph, has officially begun this week and as usual, it has come with a hefty patch. Aside from adding new content for Season 19, Update 6.3.0 has also introduced hundreds of small but substantial changes to the game. Several of these changes have been discussed before, and include the start of an overhauled PvP scene in Destiny 2, destination materials being phased out, and plenty of weapon archetypes being tweaked to have a stronger identity.

For PvP, the big changes include a new quickplay playlist that incorporates both Control and Clash into the mix, a weekly rotator that uses connection-based matchmaking, and a new competitive division ladder now that Glory progression has been deprecated. In the weapons department, there are plenty of granular changes to read through here, with shotguns, sidearms, glaives, and other gear getting tweaked. Shotguns in particular will have a fixed spread pattern that changes based on the weapons manufacturer, and Bungie expects this fine-tuning to be an ongoing process once Lightfall has launched.

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When it comes to glaives, attacks have been adjusted for more reliable hit detection but these weapons will do reduced damage against high-level enemies and the damage output has been changed from 75 to 67. For Exotics, a number of these weapons will also lean harder into their signature identity and items such as Borealis, Vigilance Wing, Coldheart, and dozens more are all getting a number of changes to their design. Divinity, a controversial Exotic trace rifle, will also have its power toned down but will still be very useful to have for challenging PvE content.

Where Guardians will feel some big changes this week is in the subclasses. Now that all three of the primary Light subclasses have received 3.0 reworks, Bungie has begun overhauling them this week with a wide number of subtle changes. Warlocks and Titans appear to benefit the most here with some handy buffs to their Solar, Void, Arc, and Stasis subclasses, while Hunters are going to see some notable nerfs. Void Hunters in particular will have to get used to PvP feeling different, as Bungie is making these invisible assassins less effective at long-range.

You can read all of the long long patch notes below.

Destiny 2 Update 6.3.0 Notes

Raids and Dungeons

  • Fixed an issue in Vow of the Disciple where encounter challenges were unintentionally active for Guided Games.
  • Fixed an issue where the Regicide Triumph for King's Fall remained visible when it could no longer be obtained.
  • Fixed an issue in King's Fall during the Warpriest encounter where players could bypass plate mechanics.
  • Fixed an issue in King's Fall during the Daughters encounter challenge that bypass intended completion requirements.
  • Fixed an issue in Duality where players sometimesself-revived and respawned outside of the final encounter.
  • Artifice Armor pieces that previously lost their bonus artifact mod sockets have had those sockets restored and can be used to slot Season 19 artifact mods.



Quickplay (6v6)

  • It is now a playlist with both Clash and Control.
  • Uses loose skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), which we have tuned during Season 18.

Weekly Rotator (6v6/Free For All)

  • Rotates weekly between Momentum Control, Mayhem, Scorched, Rift, and Rumble.
  • Use purely connection-based matchmaking (CBMM).

Competitive Division / Freelance (3v3)

  • This is now a playlist, randomly picking Survival, Rift, and Showdown.
  • Uses a new SBMM setting built using concepts we developed for loose SBMM tuning but tightened to match you more closely against opponents of your skill.

Crucible Labs

  • During Season 19, Labs is showcasing 3v3 Rift with asymmetric maps.
  • Labs now have a stacking +25% reputation booster.
  • Crucible Labs uses CBMM.

Trials of Osiris (3v3)

  • When Trials is active, it replaces Crucible Labs.

Iron Banner / Freelance (6v6)

  • When Iron Banner is active, it replaces the Quickplay node.

Competitive Division

  • Glory progression deprecated.
  • New Competitive Division ladder implemented.

Progress through seven divisions, based on your skill in the Crucible:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Adept
  • Ascendant

Earn/lose more/less skill by:

  • Winning.
  • Playing well.
  • Having your division be above/below your skill rating.
  • Being better/worse than the rest of the lobby.

Participate in:

  • Placement Series to start each Season and be placed in an initial division based on skill.
  • Promotion Series to promote to a higher division.
  • Relegation Series to avoid demotion to a lower division
  • Avoid division decay by playing some matches each week. Avoid division decay by playing some matches each week.
  • Shaxx has an intro quest to get you started!

Competitive Division Rewards

A cool division.

Your division gives you a stacking Crucible Rank bonus:

  • Copper and Bronze - 1.0x
  • Silver - 1.1x
  • Gold - 1.2x
  • Platinum - 1.3x
  • Adept - 1.4x
  • Ascendant - 1.5x

Once a week, each character can complete a Competitive Division challenge to earn a drop of the Rose Hand Cannon.


  • We are implementing a new matchmaking parameter in Quickplay: fireteam size. Expect more fireteam vs. fireteam matches in Quickplay and, as the Season continues, other playlists.
  • Lowered the amount of suspension time handed out for serial quitting in the Quickplay playlist.
  • Added the amount of time remaining to all suspension messages and made the messages trigger when clicking on the node. If you want to know how much time you have left before you can play again, the information is now available.


  • New Crucible Seal and Title
  • Unbroken and its Glory related Triumphs have been memorialized.
  • Added new Crucible title 'Glorious' and new Triumphs.

Crucible Engrams

  • Crucible Engrams will be a virtual currency and live exclusively on the Rank Progress bar on Lord Shaxx.
  • Players can open Crucible Engrams by visiting Shaxx, no Rahool needed.

Crucible Gear Focusing

  • You can focus the Crucible Engram directly into either Crucible armor or Crucible weapons.

Crucible gear focusing cost for Season 19:

  • One Crucible Engram
  • 10,000 Glimmer
  • 50 Legendary Shards

Crucible Engrams DO NOT need to be “claimed” to be spent on focusing.

Individual pieces of gear must have been acquired at least once prior to being available for focusing.

Crucible armor available for focusing in Season 19:

Clutch Extol Set

Crucible weapons available for focusing in Season 19:

  • Stars in Shadow
  • The Keening
  • Frozen Orbit
  • Survivor’s Epitaph
  • Sorrow’s Verse
  • Crisis Inverted
  • Riptide
  • Out of Bounds

Brand new Crucible weapons are only available as drops during their introductory Season and are then available for focusing the following Season.

Other Shaxx changes

  • The Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell will no longer appear at Lord Shaxx if it has already been acquired. It may be reacquired from Collections.


  • Players will no longer be able to summon Sparrows in Maevic Square during the Lake of Shadows strike.
  • Fixed an issue where some Champion strings displayed the wrong icons.
  • Fixed rare issue of objectives not updating in the Warden of Nothing strike.


  • Quickplay suspension timer is now separate from Competitive. Suspension time remaining is now displayed.
  • Showdown Heavy ammo initial spawn time increased to 60s, is not shareable, and only spawns once per round.
  • Rift Heavy ammo is not shareable.
  • 3v3 Rift and Showdown resurrect timer set to 2s; respawn timer set to 7s.
  • Mode rule descriptions added to launch screen of all Crucible modes.
  • Loading screen hints added for all Crucible and Iron Banner modes.
  • Curated maps in all Crucible modes.


  • Eternity should now award progress towards This Is the Way Triumph in Trials.
  • Fixed landing cinematic for Disjunction in Glory playlist.
  • Crucible Rank reputation is increased based on your Ranked 3v3 ladder rank.
  • MIDA Multi-Tool catalyst can now drop from any Crucible win.


  • Players will no longer be able to summon Sparrows in Maevic Square during the Lake of Shadows strike.
  • Fixed an issue where some Champion strings displayed the wrong icons.
  • Fixed rare issue of objectives not updating in the Warden of Nothing strike.

Public Events

Increased Glimmer rewards for completing public events.

  • Heroic public events reward 10K and 12.5K Glimmer.
  • Non-heroic public events reward 3300 and 4645 Glimmer.


  • Fixed an issue preventing the color preview squares for Colorblind settings from updating until navigating away from the Settings screen and back.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fast Travel tutorial would appear multiple times during New Light and could not be dismissed.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Reduced glow intensity of Gambit Jadestone to be in line with that of other shaders.
  • This was done to diminish the negative impact of the shader on fellow Guardians.
  • Other such shaders will follow in the future.


Wormgod Caress

  • Reduced maximum damage multiplier from 7.5x to 3.5x.

Winter's Guile

  • Reduced maximum damage multiplier from 7.5x to 3.5x.

Lucky Pants

  • No longer scale the damage of the jolted status effect when applied by a Hand Cannon.


  • Restorative Finisher no longer prevents you from performing a finisher if you do not have enough Super energy to trigger its benefit.
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon now correctly requires you to aim down sights without firing your Hand Cannon before activating the unstoppable effect.



  • Added a full auto toggle to the Gameplay section of the Settings menu. This will make all weapons fire at full auto.
  • Reduced the size and intensity of Lumina's muzzle flash in order to alleviate photosensitivity concerns.
  • Omolon weapons will now correctly display the liquid ammunition color that corresponds to their damage type while in the inspection screen.
  • Shoot to Loot can once again pick up ammo via explosion damage.
  • To Excess (Opulent origin trait) no longer displays a stacking counter when triggered on multiple weapons. (This is purely a visual change).

Weapon Archetypes

  • Sidearm
  • Reduced zoom stat on Drang and Drang (Baroque) from 14 to 13.

Fusion Rifle

  • Main Ingredient
  • Reduced stability from 49 to 35.
  • Reduced aim assist stat from 59 to 45.
  • Rebuilt the Fusion Rifle hip-fire reticle to react more obviously to changes in accuracy cone.


  • Added a fixed pellet spread to each Legendary Pellet Shotgun subfamily and a matching custom reticle.
  • Aggressive: Fixed evenly distributed cone.
  • Precision (includes Duality hip-fire): Vertical oval.
  • Lightweight: Diamond.
  • Rapid-Fire: Square.
  • Updated reticle for slug Shotgun to better represent precision.


  • Increased PvE damage by 5%.
  • Reload speed benefit now applies at all times instead of only when reloading from empty.


  • Fixed several Shotguns which were using the incorrect intrinsic Aggressive perk. Now all Aggressive Shotguns will increase RPM after a kill, as intended.


  • Glaive projectiles have been adjusted for more reliable hit detection.
  • Glaive melee attacks can now benefit from the Exotic armor perks on Synthoceps, Wormgod Caress, and Winter's Guile.
  • Glaive melee damage multipliers reduced by 25-30% against Champions, minibosses, bosses, and vehicles. Majors and minors are unchanged.
  • Glaive melee base damage reduced from 75 to 67.

Grenade Launchers, The Queenbreaker, and Grand Overture

  • Switched from the old blinding screen effect to the new Arc blind one with reduced screen effect brightness.

Hand Cannon

Rose has new stats.

  • Increased range from 38 to 43.
  • Reduced stability from 45 to 40.
  • Reduced handling from 68 to 60.
  • Airborne effectiveness is 20.

Weapon Mods

  • The Dragonfly, Rampage, and Surrounded perks now have their spec mod behaviors enabled by default.


Air Assault

  • Now grants a stacking bonus to airborne effectiveness. Maximum two stacks: one per final blow, two per airborne final blow. Each stack is +30 AE.


  • Body shots now increase your precision multiplier and increase aim assist. Additional body shots reset the timer.
  • It has a 0.55s base timer. Body shots while the perk is active reset the timer.


  • Final blows now grant stacks of Encore. Stacks grant increased stability, range, and accuracy (+8 stability, +5 range, and +1.25% accuracy per stack).
  • Body shot final blows grant one stack, precision final blows grant two stacks, with a maximum of four stacks.
  • Lasts 7s, Enhanced Encore lasts 7.5s. Final blows refresh the timer.

Seraph Rounds

  • Removed +10% range scalar.
  • Now gives +7 stability, +3 range.

Tunnel Vision + Kill Clip

  • The duration of these buffs can now be refreshed if activated while already active.
  • Reduced damage bonus from Kill Clip from 33% to 25%.


  • Now builds stacks against minor enemies and consumes them on everything else (i.e., matches Minor Spec and other perks that use similar language).

Häkke Breach Armaments

  • Now increases damage vs. Ward of Dawn and Well of Radiance sword by 30% (60% with the artifact mod).
  • Damage bonus against Stasis crystals has been increased by 15% (both base and with artifact mod).

Gutshot Straight

  • Increased bonus Auto Rifle body shot damage from 10% to 20%.

Compulsive Reloader

  • Now remains active down to half ammo
  • High-Impact Frame intrinsic perk
  • Now allows a very small amount of movement instead of turning off with any movement.

Ambitious Assassin

  • Increased allowed time between final blows from 5s to 7s.


  • Duration increased from 10s to 15s.
  • Stacking the effect still resets the timer.


  • Fixed the perk to work correctly in PvP.
  • Grants up to 100% bonus damage at max stacks in PvE.
  • 50% in PvP.

Zen Moment

  • No longer deactivates on a miss. Now has a 1s timer.

Rewind Rounds

  • Now work correctly when hitting the cage created by Divinity.


  • Now triggers on breaking player shields.

One Quiet Moment

  • Now reactivates much faster after a final blow.

Gun and Run

  • Reduced the number of final blows needed to activate.

Box Breathing

  • Reduced damage bonus on Scout Rifles by 5%.

Unstoppable Force

  • Reduced damage bonus from 30% to 20%.

One-Two Punch

  • Reduced bonus melee damage as follows:
  • From 3x to 2x vs. most enemies with unpowered melees.
  • From 1.8x to 1.4x vs. most enemies with charged melees.
  • Reduced the additional bonus vs. bosses from 0.5 to 0.25.

Enhanced Perks

Enhanced Unrelenting

  • Removed +5 handling.
  • Added +5 health regeneration.

Enhanced Perpetual Motion

  • Removed .1s faster activation.
  • Removed .1s grace period on end.
  • Added 1s faster activation of x2 stacks.

Enhanced Timed Payload

  • Shifted from +5 range to +5 stability.

Enhanced Explosive Payload

  • Shifted from +5 range to +5 reload.

Enhanced Firing Line

  • Added +10 handling when near allies.
  • Removed increased neutral range.

Enhanced Grave Robber

  • Changed +5 reload to +5 handling.
  • Enhanced Explosive Light
  • Added one more charge (stack caps at 7).

Enhanced Cornered

  • Added +10 stability when active.

Enhanced Cold Steel

  • Now adds +10 energy and weapon sizw to be consistent with other ammo capacity-increasing perks.

Enhanced Vorpal Weapon

  • Changed from +5 reload to +5 stability.
  • This will apply to the guard resistance stat on Swords.

Enhanced Genesis

  • Removed Primary ammo overflow.
  • Now provides additional handling.

Enhanced Flash Counter

  • Corrected an issue where this only provided a display stat to Swords; now this will properly provide increased ammo capacity.

Enhanced Chain Reaction

  • Updated its definition as inventory provides a different benefit to Swords.

Enhanced Ambitious Assassin

  • Increased allowed time between final blows from 6s to 8s.


The Fundamentals trait (present on the damage-type switching Exotics like Borealis, Hard Light, and Dead Messenger)

Added stats to each element

  • Arc: +25 handling and +5 range.
  • Solar: +35 reload speed and +20 airborne effectiveness.
  • Void: +20 stability and +10 aim assist.


  • Breaking a matched shield now refills the magazine from reserves and allows your next five shots to deal bonus damage.
  • Not deactivated by reloading anymore.

Jade Rabbit

  • New perk design:
  • Quickly landing three crits returns one round to the magazine, and allows your next body shot to land for increased damage.
  • Can stack up to three increased damage body shots.
  • Resets if you reload.

With the addition of the Full Auto setting, we've replaced the Full Auto Trigger System perk with something else on each weapon that had it.

No Time to Explain

  • Replaced with Feeding Frenzy.

Traveler's Chosen

  • Catalyst perk replaced with Surplus.
  • It still has Osmosis.

Vigilance Wing

  • Catalyst perk replaced with Ensemble.

Dead Man's Tale

  • Now prefers critical hits over body hits in hip-fire if both types of targets are inside the precision aim cone.
  • Increased body shot damage from 46 to 54, reduced crit damage from 81 to 80.


  • Now applies Jolt when damaging targets affected by Personal Assistant.
  • Increased base airborne effectiveness to 80.


  • Increased its hidden damage bonus vs Witherhoard-blighted targets from 10% to 25%.

Whisper of the Worm

  • Increased base airborne effectiveness to 80.

The Prospector

  • Added Chain Reaction to the intrinsic perk.

The Fourth Horseman

  • Decreased recoil by 50%.


  • Increased crit damage by 30% in PvE.
  • Reduced base damage from 40 to 37 and crit damage from 72 to 67 in PvP.
  • The Rock perk:
  • Increased damage by 60% in PvE.
  • Increased damage at the outer edge damage radius from 0% to 20%.
  • Reduced ammo cost to activate from 6 to 4.


  • Decreased charge time on hit no longer resets on kill or on reload and now works on a five-second timer.
  • The timer is refreshed when landing hits.

Rat King

  • Radius required to activate its perk increased from 15m to 20m.

Legend of Acrius

  • Removed movement penalties.


  • Reduced spread angle by 6%.
  • This halves the effect of Season 14's spread angle increase.

Quicksilver Storm

  • Increased PvP maximum grenade damage from 80 to 120. Increased explosion radius from 3m to 4m.
  • Switched rocket damage from Arc to Kinetic.


  • Reduced cooldown on Ionic Trace generation from 3.5s to 2s.
  • Now maxes out stability and reload speed when at maximum damage.
  • Picking up an Ionic Trace now reduces the time it takes to get to max damage.

Grand Overture

  • Increased missile damage by ~50%.


  • Now deals part (roughly half) of its damage as impact damage, and the rest as detonation.
  • Overall damage increased by 5%.


  • The lightning storm will now correctly activate when hitting Divinity's cage.


  • Reduced Taken blight duration from 7.5s to 4.5s.


  • Reduced Divinity's weaken from 30% to 15%.
  • Still self-buffs to 30%.


  • Reduced primary rocket's impact and detonation damage by 25%.
  • Wolfpack Rounds damage unaffected.


  • Reduced body shot damage to match Lorentz Driver.


Solar subclasses


Knock 'Em Down and Golden Gun

  • Now provides 15% bonus damage resistance to Deadshot Golden Gun, and no longer provides bonus duration.
  • No longer provides 15% bonus damage resistance to Marksman Golden Gun.
  • Note: After seeing this play out in the wild, it was clear that there wasn't enough differentiation between Deadshot and Marksman Golden Gun, primarily due to Deadshot benefiting significantly more from Knock 'Em Down's bonus duration (as seen by the number of Seventh, Eighth, and Fourteenth Column videos in recent months). We want to push these two enhanced Supers further apart and solidify Marksman Golden Gun as the option where you can take your time to aim your shot from range, and Deadshot as a more in-the-fray option. We believed that doubling up on bonuses and the bonus duration was confusing these identities and not giving them enough space to breathe.

Blade Barrage

  • Blade Barrage bonus projectiles reduced from 5 to 3 per group. It now releases a total of 20 knives (+43% from base), down from 24.
  • Note: While it was refreshing to see Blade Barrage topping the charts as a change of pace, the stacking bonuses from Patch 6.1.0's PvE damage increase and consistency improvements and Knock 'Em Down's bonus knives, in combination with other buildcrafting elements, pushed the burst damage of Blade Barrage above where we were comfortable with burst Supers being. We believe this will still be a strong option for burst damage without being as much of an outlier.


Celestial Fire

  • Increased close-range melee damage from 90 to 100, so players using Celestial Fire and the auto-melee option are no longer disadvantaged in close-range melee fights.


Ember of Torches

  • Radiant base duration reduced from 10s to 8s.
  • Now applies a -10 Discipline penalty while equipped.

Ember of Solace

  • Now provides a 50% bonus to Radiant duration, rather than a flat 5s.
  • Note: this is consistent with its behavior with Restoration.


  • Restoration x1 base healing rate reduced from 25 to 20 health per second (40 health per second in PvE activities, down from 50).
  • Restoration x2 base healing rate reduced from 40 to 32.5 health per second (65 health per second in PvE activities, down from 80).
  • No longer stacks with Healing Rift's healing. The stronger heal-over-time value is prioritized and will stop the weaker heal-over-time from taking effect.

Void subclasses


Shadowshot: Deadfall

  • Increased tether anchor lifetime when triggered from 8s to 12s.

Shadowshot: Moebius Quiver

  • Reduced tether anchor lifetime when triggered from 8s to 6s.


Shield Bash

  • Improved reliability of the suppression application when hitting the primary target under poor network conditions.


Nova Bomb: Vortex

  • Increased initial projectile speed by 21%.
  • Increased radius of the inward pull impulse on impact by ~17%.
  • Increased strength of the inward pull impulse on impact by ~20%.
  • Note: Vortex Nova Bomb has felt like a niche option for a while now, and we want to improve its viability relative to Cataclysm Nova Bomb by doubling down on its unique pull impulse. We also felt like it was too easy to undershoot targets at close-to-mid ranges. Increasing the initial projectile speed should help players catch their intended target more reliably.


Void Overshield

  • Fixed an issue where the Void overshield was only providing 25% PvE-only damage resistance to the overshield, rather than the intended 50%.

Stasis Subclasses


  • Winter's Shroud
  • Fragment slots increased from 1 to 2.


  • Glacial Harvest
  • Reduced cooldown on Stasis shard creation (per 6 shards) from 15sto 10s.


  • Cryoclasm
  • Fragment slots increased from 1 to 2.

Stasis Grenades

  • Duskfield Grenade
  • Increased slow stack application rate on players by 13%.

Coldsnap Grenade

  • Coldsnap can now track targets for 0.5s after creation, rather than immediately finding a target and traveling toward their last known position.
  • Note: Base Coldsnap grenade was not meeting our reliability bar and was too frequently getting stuck in the environment or missing targets that had not significantly changed position. Our goal with this change is to increase Coldsnap's reliability without compromising the ability for potential victims to relocate and avoid being frozen.


  • Stasis Slow
  • Increased movement speed penalty while Slowed by 10%.
  • Whisper of Rending
  • Now provides bonus damage to Stasis crystals and frozen targets for all Primary weapons, rather than just Kinetic Primary weapons.

Arc Subclasses


Tempest Strike

  • Increased Tempest Strike damage against PvE combatants by 30%.


Ballistic Slam

  • Increased Ballistic Slam damage against PvE combatants by 16%.

Touch of Thunder

Storm Grenade

  • Decreased Touch of Thunder's Storm Grenade base roaming duration from 5s to 4s.
  • Decreased the bonus lifetime granted by Spark of Magnitude to the enhanced Storm Grenade from 2s to 1.5s.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the enhanced Storm Grenade's effective area to be difficult to understand in PvP.
  • Previously, the friend-or-foe ring surrounding a Touch of Thunder Storm Grenade's lightning strikes blinked on and off between strikes, and there was no indication within the cloud itself of whether or not it was friend or foe. Now, the ring persists through the life of the storm, and enemy storms have an additional VFX layer in the cloud itself to help differentiate them from those created by allies.


  • Ball Lightning
  • Increased travel distance from 27.5m to 35m.
  • Chain Lightning
  • Increased damage against PvE combatants by 50%.

Arc Soul

  • Increased base damage vs. PvE combatants from 35 to 60.
  • Note: With the release of Season 18, we increased Arc Soul's base damage in PvE from 25 to 35, but it's clear that wasn't enough to help them feel particularly useful in very high-end PvE activities, so we decided to swing harder this time. We'll be keeping an eye on this one as the Season progresses to make sure these are landing where we'd hoped.

Chaos Reach

  • Reduced base cooldown from 9:16 to 7:35.

Power and progression

  • Fixed an issue where Shaw Han's supply chest in the Cosmodrome could award items that have been removed from the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Europa and Beyond Light content may have been inaccessible to some players.


  • You can no longer preview a focusing engram where you have no eligible items to decrypt.

Dares of Eternity

  • Daily and weekly bounties from Xûr and Starhorse now reward Strange Favor reputation.
  • The amount of Strange Favor reputation earned by completing Dares on Legend difficulty has been increased.
  • Destiny 2: Year-4 weapons and armor sets and Tangled Shore armor sets have been added to the Dares of Eternity reward pool.
  • Destiny 2: Year-3 weapons and older, no longer available, destination armor sets (from Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan) have been removed from the Dares of Eternity reward pool.

Destination Materials

  • All existing in-game sources of destination materials will be disabled. Players will no longer earn destination materials via interacting with resource nodes, opening chests, completing public events, finishing strikes, etc.
  • Harvesting resource nodes will now grant Glimmer and XP directly instead of destination materials,

Destination materials removed:

  • Glacial Starwort - Europa
  • Dusklight Shard - EDZ
  • Helium Filaments - Luna
  • Spinmetal Leaves - Cosmodrome
  • Baryon Bough - Dreaming City
  • Microphasic Datalattice – Nessus

Material Exchange

  • Rahool will no longer sell destination materials.
  • Players who have destination materials on their account will still be able to exchange them for Glimmer at Rahool, although at a reduced rate compared to what is currently offered.

Current exchange rate: 20 destination materials = 10,000 Glimmer.

  • Rahool will provide context sensitive offers that will display depending on how many of each material players have in their inventory, offers will be invisible to players who do not have any destination materials.
  • New exchange rate: 20 destination materials = 5,000 Glimmer.
  • Offers are Only visible if players have more than 20 of the associated material in their inventory.
  • New exchange rate: 1 destination material = 250 Glimmer.
  • Offers are only visible if players have less than 20, but more than zero of the associated material in their inventory.
  • This will be the only use for destination materials beyond Season 19.
  • These offers are unavailable for previously deprecated materials such as Etheric Spirals, Alkane Dust, Phaseglass Needles, or Seraphite.
  • We don’t want players to feel bad if they have thrown these resources away.

Rahool now allows players to exchange the following materials for Glimmer:

  • Dark Fragment
  • Phantasmal Fragment
  • Herealways Piece


  • Destination material cost has been removed from Upgrade Module purchases.
  • Purchasing costs for the Monument to Lost Lights will see the destination material costs replaced with Legendary Shard costs.
  • As mentioned earlier in these patch notes, the Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell will no longer appear on Lord Shaxx if it has already been acquired. It may be reacquired from Collections.
  • Devrim Kay and Failsafe will see their current reputation system, which required players to spend Dusklight Shards and Microphasic Datalattice, respectively, removed.
  • Currently out of scope to create new reputation system akin to what we saw with Finch on Throneworld.
  • These vendors will no longer sell sunset weapons.
  • Destination armor will be available for purchase without requiring players to earn ranks with the vendor.
  • Cost will be 1000 Glimmer and 25 Legendary Shards.

Emblems and rewards that were once unlocked through ranking up vendor will become purchasable on vendor.

  • Ghost Shell Cost: 10 Legendary Shards.
  • Emblem Cost: 25 Legendary Shards.
  • Increase the number of daily bounties available at the vendor from 3 to 4 to be in line with other destinations.

Ghost mods

  • The following Ghost Mods will be removed as they no longer will have any functionality in the game:
  • Materialism (Vanguard)
  • Materialism (Crucible)
  • Materialism (Gambit)

The Following Ghost Mods will see changes to their functionality:

  • Public Defender: no longer increases destination material acquisition, now offers increased Glimmer rewards.
  • Bountiful Harvest: no longer increases destination material acquisition, now offers increased Glimmer rewards.

Platforms and systems

  • Fixed an issue where, after joining a player through a Bungie invite, attempting to join a different player by accepting a platform invite will send them to first player’s fireteam.
  • Fixed an issue where emblems rewarded by completing the King's Fall raid or raid carries are missed by the raid metrics category.
  • Fixed an issue where chat disabled via in-game settings would remain inactive when players try to engage by text in the chat.


  • Fixed an issue where subclass emblems were not properly unlocked with New Light completion.


  • French Exo Stranger voice talent has been recast.
  • Spanish Castilian Exo Stranger voice talent has been recast.
  • Russian Mara Sov was temporary recast for Season 19.
  • Original talent will come back for future releases.
  • Lightfall expansion renamed for Portuguese-BR to Queda da Luz.
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