Destiny 2 Tweaks Void Hunter Invisibility In PvP In A Surprising Way

Bungie has tweaked how Void Hunters use their invisibility in Destiny 2's PvP activities by adjusting how the radar works.


Destiny 2's PvP activities like the Crucible continue to be some of its most popular modes, but everybody knows that getting killed by an invisible Void Hunter is rarely fun. As such, Bungie plans to add an interesting wrinkle to this ability to give players a fighting chance against it.

Destiny 2's update, scheduled for the week of December 13, will reduce the radar range of Void Hunters using their invisibility power. This will mean that those hunters who are currently invisible will only be able to use their mid-range and close-range radar capabilities, rather than the long-range "gutter" which extends from the 24 meter mark to 64 meters.

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Functionally, this means that invisible players will have less ability to detect their opponents at range, especially those opponents who are actively running away from them. In a blog post announcing the change, Bungie notes that this shift will have a "significant impact" on how invisible players approach engagements. The company also says it has a minimum impact on PvE activities, which just makes sense.

Other changes announced in this blog post include new gear for Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, balance changes to weapons like the Linear Fusion Rifles, and a poll to see which hypothetical Arbalest ornament will make the final game. Destiny 2 Season 19 begins tomorrow.

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