Destiny 2 Trust Goes Both Ways Faction Chests: Where To Find Them

Fynch wants you to loot faction chests, but that's an unusual term--here's what they are and how to open them.


Chests are a relatively innocuous thing in Destiny 2, and outside of those that provide high-end rewards, you probably don't think much of them. But a particular Fynch quest in The Witch Queen, Trust Goes Both Ways, asks you to loot "faction chests," which is terminology you may be unaccustomed to seeing. Here's what faction chests are and where to find them.

What's a faction chest?

Faction chests, despite the somewhat lavish name, are just standard open-world chests that you can find while navigating the Throne World. These are the same ones that your Ghost can direct you to if you have the proper mod equipped; they'll spawn all over the place, so you can just do laps until you've found the four you need.

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A region chest in the Miasma
A region chest in the Miasma

What's critical to reducing possible frustration is knowing what isn't considered a faction chest--not just anything will count. First and foremost, for step 3 of Trust Goes Both Ways, Fynch specifically wants you to open faction chests and complete patrols while in the Miasma. That's the area directly north of the Throne World landing zone. While you have the quest, you should see a marker in the Miasma; this won't take you to a particular spot, but you can place a waypoint on it in order to easily navigate to the correct area. It's pretty much a straight shot up a path on your Sparrow from where you first spawn in.

Once you're in the right spot to be making progress, you'll need to ensure it's the standard chests that you're opening. Chests spawned by completing a public event or eliminating a high-value target will not register as faction chests for the purposes of this quest, nor will the gold "region chests" you opened for the first step of this quest--those are the ones that are marked on your map and can only be opened once per character.

The easiest way to complete this step of the quest is to head to the Miasma, equip a Ghost with the Combo Detector mod, and run around until you spot the four chests you need. Grab some patrols while you're at it, and this step should go quickly. Once you've completed the full questline, you'll get your hands on the Legendary fusion rifle Likely Suspect.

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