Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Changes Aim To Make It More Rewarding

Destiny 2's endgame PvP multiplayer mode is going to be radically overhauled on September 10.


Destiny 2's ultimate PvP experience Trials of Osiris is getting a significant upgrade on September 10, resulting in a game mode that is being overhauled to feel more accessible and rewarding.

One of the biggest tweaks will be done to the schedule of Trials of Osiris, as it won't be active every weekend as it traditionally was. During the first week of new seasons, Iron Banner weeks, and before the start of a world-first race when a new raid launches, Trials will be offline so that players can focus on other events.

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Matchmaking has been tweaked, as solo players can matchmake with other groups instead of having to already be in orbit as part of a three-player team. A solo-only "freelance" playlist will be added in the future, mirroring the option found in Iron Banner. The catch here is that matchmaking will be skill-based, as players can only join other Guardians who have a similar number of wins under their belt from that particular Trials weekend.

As for the loot that drives players to try out Trials, Bungie is getting rid of Trials tokens and replacing it with Trials reputation. This will be earned for completing matches and winning individual rounds, with Trials armor and weapons earned through engrams earned via reputation rank-ups, Ranks 10 and 16 will guarantee unique weapons, and earning a Trials engram allows players to dictate which loot they get when they focus it, similar to how Umbral engrams function.

Trials Passages are now being tweaked to be account-wide and will no longer track losses. Players seeking a flawless run, passage to the Lighthouse, and Adept gear will still need to reset their cards after a loss, but getting seven wins and grinding for rewards will be easier as the three, five, and seven-win drops format has been removed.

Three-peeking has been almost eliminated so that players can't abuse the shift to third-person view to get a better look at their surroundings, Bungie will ban players who use win-trading tactics, and Trials will only be accessible if players own the latest annual expansion.

More changes will be tested throughout the Season of the Lost through the Crucible Labs, as Bungie continues to fine-tune the multiplayer mode.

In other Destiny 2 news, this week saw plenty of reveals for the future of the series. Next year's Witch Queen expansion received a full trailer, Bungie confirmed that fan-favorite Exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is making a comeback in December, weapon crafting is coming to the game next year, and 2024 will bring the current Destiny saga to a close in the expansion The Final Shape.

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