Destiny 2 Transmogrification Arrives With Season Of The Splicer, Adds Changes To Shaders And Cosmetics

Bungie's new cosmetic features have arrived in Destiny 2, including the ability to apply a shader to all gear pieces with a single click.


Transmogrification has arrived in Destiny 2 with its next content season, adding new cosmetic options for players to customize their characters in Bungie's MMO shooter. The previously announced feature arrived with a series of new systems and quality-of-life improvements when Season 14 launches on May 11. Here's a complete guide on how transmog in Destiny 2 works.

Bungie made the announcement in a huge blog post, where it detailed how we can expect transmogrification to work when it's added to the game. The new system will allow players to convert any piece of armor they own into a "universal ornament," which means any other piece of armor can be changed to look like the ornament without changing its other statistics. The new system is called Armor Synthesis, and using it will require a new currency called Synthesis Tokens you can either earn through gameplay or buy with premium currency.

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Ada-1, a Destiny 2 character introduced in Season 5 and removed from the game with "vaulted" content with the release of the Beyond Light expansion, is returning to serve as the Armor Synthesis vendor. You'll get bounties from Ada that allow you to earn Synthesis Tokens while playing the various other activities in Destiny 2.

Bungie is adding new user interface elements to work with the Armor Synthesis system, which will let you see all the universal ornaments you have and apply them to your armor with ease. You'll also be able to use the screen to apply color shaders to armor, and Bungie is adjusting the current shader system so you can add a shader to all your gear at once with one click, as well as to individual gear items piecemeal. And in a huge quality-of-life shift, Bungie is changing shaders from consumable items to unlockable ones--meaning that you won't have to carry around several shaders that are expended when you use them on an item. They'll now be unlocked once and accessible for all your gear, regardless of whether you have one in your inventory or not.

The blog post brought a whole lot of other Destiny 2 news with it. In addition to the transmog system, Bungie also announced the end of its controversial "gunsetting" change, detailed some changes to its players-vs.-player modes, laid out the release timing for the Vault of Glass raid and cross-play, and announced a delay to the upcoming Witch Queen expansion.

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