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Destiny 2 Tips Guide: Which Class Is Best For You? Picking Titan, Hunter, And Warlock

Know your role.

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"Warlocks weaponize the mysteries of the universe to sustain themselves and devastate their foes." While this caption of Destiny 2's mage isn't incorrect, it's not especially helpful as the only descriptor for the Warlock when deciding your class.

Now that the game is finally out on PC, we've fleshed out the strengths and benefits of each Guardian, so you know what you're getting into, whether that's playing within your stylistic comfort zone or experimenting with an unfamiliar role. Included in this primer are descriptions of the first subclasses you get with each class, which you automatically obtain shortly after the prologue.

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The Titan is the go-to if you want to feel like a space marine, a powerhouse that can turn the tide of battle on its sheer strength. In skilled hands, it can stand its ground in a firefight, partly due to its two class ability barriers. Its vertical ability, Lift, modifies mobility with increased height, control, and your initial momentum burst. They're versatile tanks and unlocking multiple subclasses will allow you to further emphasize offense or defense.

You start off with the defense-centric Sentinel, the new Void element Titan subclass that replaces the previous game's Defender. Its passive abilities reward melee actions with defensive benefits, shields and health restoration to be exact. If you're having that Captain America itch, one of the Code of the Aggressor passive abilities grants you a extra shield throw, complementing the Sentinel Shield super. Its melee prowess makes it primed and ready for the frontline, supported by its various barriers. If you feel your fireteam lacks defensive support to balance out its offense, this subclass is for you.


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If you're used to playing the rogue, try your hand at the Hunter, the Guardian known for its agility, craftiness, and stealth. All classes feature some form of mobility, but the Hunters take it up a notch using exclusive dodge skills, with bonuses in weapon reloading or melee energy. It also upgrades its double jump with a triple jump, high jump, and strafe jump. If you like feeding off your situational awareness in large spaces, the Hunter's prowess in ranged combat and talents in getting out of dicey situations will suit your needs.

If you like complementing this nimble class with the melee expertise of a samurai, you'll be pleased with the Hunter Arcstrider subclass to start, which replaces the Bladedancer from the first game. Its super, the Arc Staff is an energy staff you wield acrobatically against your foes. The two passive ability paths capitalizes on the fleet-footedness of this subclass. Following the Way of the Wind offers benefits in increased sprinting, shortened dodge cooldowns, and reduced damage with using the Arc Staff. Way of the Warrior is suited for the more assertive type, granting dodge recharges and attack damage boosts as you amass kills.


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Warlocks are Destiny 2's space mages. Compared to the other classes, the Warlock's mobility leans toward horizontal movement, making it tough to target. Its team-healing benefits are only overshadowed by its potent attack spells. As the support class of Destiny 2, this Guardian is best in the hands of those are actively aware of where your fireteam is at all times. This is to take advantage of the Warlock's main class abilities: Healing Rift, which is a close proximity healer, and Empowering Rift, which increases attack.

The Warlock Dawnblade replaces the previous game's Sunsinger and this starting subclass is best suited for those who look to take full advantage of the Warlock's mobility. It's super, Daybreak, strikes from the sky, turning Solar Light into lethal blades. The Dawnblade's wings aren't just for show. By choosing the Attunement of the Sky passive abilities, you can recharge energy with airborne kills. Winged Sun and Icarus Dash lets you attack and dodge midair, while Swift Strike are flaming melee attacks briefly boosting your movement and reload speed. If you want to get the most out of Daybreak, choose Attunement of the Flame. It has a set of passives that enhances the super especially if you're the bloodthirsty type.

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