Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Showcase Coming August 24

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is teasing a very lethal truth for next month's The Witch Queen showcase event.


Destiny 2's next big expansion is The Witch Queen, and it won't be arriving until 2022, but it looks like developer Bungie will have something to show off next month. Teasing a very lethal truth, Bungie's tweet for the August 24 showcase is dressed up in the colors and vapors of its upcoming Witch Queen expansion:

As for what fans can expect at the event, it'll likely be a look at where Guardians will be headed to next, what threats will be waiting for them when they arrive in this new patrol zone, and other big changes to Destiny 2's sandbox. Bungie has stuck with Destiny 2 for longer than it did the original game, opting for several more expansions instead of jumping into a hypothetical Destiny 3 and making a clean break.

There might also be news on which locations are being retired and stored in the Destiny Vault to make way for the new locations of the Witch Queen and keep Destiny 2 at a more manageable size, with some rumors pointing towards the expansion taking place in a version of Chicago that has destructible environments.

Bungie has broken from its usual annual release schedule for new Destiny 2 expansions, using that extra time to further polish these major expansions while filling the gap between releases with a more focused seasonal model and better storytelling that points towards a massive paradigm shift as the Hive Queen approaches.

In other Destiny 2 news, the mid-season patch has brought with it a bunch of balancing changes to weapons for player-vs-player activities. Shotguns are a little less deadly, hand cannons with aggressive fire-rates have been re-balanced, and the Exotic scout rifle Dead Man's Tale has received a major nerf.

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