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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Spoilers Have Reportedly Leaked, So You Might Want To Go Offline

Spoilers for The Final Shape have reportedly begun circulating online ahead of the expansion's release next week.


Anyone looking to jump into Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion next week might want to steer clear of the internet for a while, as some players reportedly accessed the new content after it accidentally went live. According to a warning post on the Destiny 2 subreddit, various details on the expansion and The Final Shape raid have leaked, although the extent of them remains unclear.

"If you don't like leaks/spoilers, tomorrow is gonna be hell. Get off the internet. It's so bad that I'd be surprised if they didn't just release The Final Shape early to avoid people getting spoiled," the warning reads.

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Despite some of the warnings, it appears the leaks might be limited to things like weapons, Exotics, and perks related to the raid, rather than the full story or raid mechanics (which could interfere with the World's First race). That said, you should still be wary of potential spoilers.

In an update, Bungie says players were able to access "some" of the game's campaign after the expansion was accidentally pushed live on PS5.

"A small group of players were able to play some of the campaign, access Collections, and other reward info coming in The Final Shape, and Echoes," Bungie wrote. "We recommend being very careful on social media over the next few days to avoid spoilers. Remember to exercise caution and be critical of potential misinformation."

What makes this leak notable is that The Final Shape is being billed as the conclusion to the decade-long Light and Darkness Saga of Destiny. The last few years have seen Bungie focus more on the story of its game, slowly weaving in new threads and developments across multiple expansions and seasons, and this expansion is expected to provide a satisfying conclusion to all of this work.

A recent cinematic set at the end of Season of the Wish has reintroduced a pivotal and previously dead character back to Destiny--he got better--and The Final Shape launch trailer has hinted at another major character possibly being corrupted by the Witness as it seeks to bring about the "Final Shape" of the universe.

The Final Shape launches on June 4, and until then, you can check out spoiler-free previews discussing the expansion's new destination, the Pale Heart of the Traveler, and the new Prismatic subclass.

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