Destiny 2's Telesto Has Achieved Sentience, Is Currently On A Power Trip

"The Vanguard. Savathun. The Witness. The Nine. Pete Parsons. What are they before the might of Telesto?"


One of the most infamous Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, Telesto, has been acting strange this week. Well, stranger than usual, as after the weekly reset and patch there were numerous reports of the weapon behaving differently. Inside of Destiny 2, Telesto is a powerful energy weapon that fires a tight spread of shots that will stick to a target and then detonate afterward.

As of this week, Telesto appeared to be on the verge of breaking down judging by the sparks and smoke pouring out of it, and it had changed its attack to a slow spread of projectiles. Destiny 2 players were convinced that these spreads copied the patterns of famous star constellations, and it wasn't unusual to spot players firing into the night sky as they tried to find a match in the stars.

Things got even weirder when the AI inhabiting Telesto seemingly took over Bungie's social media accounts and began broadcasting its intention to ascend beyond being a mere weapon. Right now, Telesto has evolved once again and now the weapon is working better than ever. It'll still annihilate any enemy in its path, but now the Void-energy orbs provide more of a kick, as eliminating a foe with Telesto will spawn more destructive spheres from their remains.

This is similar to how another Void-energy Exotic, Graviton Lance, operates, as it can also spawn explosive orbs when you successfully defeat an enemy with a critical hit. It's not clear what the endgame is here for Telesto, but it has sparked a fun week in Destiny 2 as players began hunting for clues as they dusted the infamous Exotic off and started playing with it. Telesto has had a long history of being one of the buggiest weapons in Destiny 2, a reputation that Bungie embraced over the years and ran wild with, even making it a key part of weapon vendor Banshee-44's animation when he's interacted with.

While these changes have been fascinating, expect plenty more as dozens of Exotic weapons will be getting a tune-up in Season 19 of Destiny 2. Season of Plunder has begun winding down, Festival of the Lost has come to an end, and beyond an Exotic weapon achieving sentience and going on a power trip, it's going to be a quiet couple of weeks until December 6.

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