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Destiny 2 Teases Cayde-6's Return In The Final Shape, Complete With Nathan Fillion

A ghost from the past returns... also a giant, purple triangle.


Bungie briefly teased the next Destiny 2 expansion at the latest PlayStation showcase. Entitled The Final Shape, the teaser shows Ikora Ray and a ghostly Cayde-6 catching up in a mysterious realm.

The trailer begins with Ikora and her ghost sitting on a log next to a blazing campfire. She begins to explain some of the events of past Destiny 2 expansions, over the images of various Guardians combating various foes. She says, "I wish you could have been there," as the camera cuts over to Cayde, holding a ghostly, reconstructed gun. He replies, "I'm here now, wherever here is." The final shot shows Ikora and Cayde overlooking a vast valley, with a river running through it and the massive purple portal from the end of Lightfall hanging in the sky.

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Cayde, notably, has been dead since the Forsaken expansion's release. Bungie has confirmed Nathan Fillion is coming back for The Final Shape to reprise his role, though it's unclear exactly how the story will explain his return.

Bungie has previously stated that The Final Shape will conclude Destiny's current story arc, the one that it began with the original game back in 2014.

More information is promised at an upcoming Destiny showcase, set to premiere on August 22. The end of the teaser also showed the recently launched PlayStation-themed Destiny 2 items that are now available for purchase. The Final Shape wasn't the only news Bungie had at the showcase. It also unveiled that a revival/reboot of Marathon is on its way.

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