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Destiny 2 Solstice Event: New Rewards, Revamped EAZ, And Everything We Know

Here's a look at all the activities, rewards, and cosmetics that Solstice has to offer Destiny 2 players this year.


One of Destiny 2's best annual events, Solstice, is back for another year and has brought with it plenty of new gear alongside a redesign that aims to be more rewarding. What makes Solstice even more special this year is that the unlocked armor pieces can be fine-tuned to offer higher stats in specific categories, plus a new Legendary-class Stasis hand cannon can be acquired. [Update: Solstice is back in Destiny 2 for 2023, so be sure to check out our breakdown of what it starts and what new changes have been made since last year.]

If this is your first time taking part in Solstice, or you've been absent for a while, we've put together a quick look at what you can expect from this year's event, which rewards are on offer, and how to get started.

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How long does Solstice run for?

This year's festival of the Light runs from July 19 until the weekly reset on August 9.

How to start Solstice

Head down to the social space in the Tower, and go talk to Eva Levante to get started on Solstice this year. When you start you'll automatically earn a set of Solstice armor for your Guardian.

The Event Card

Solstice will have its own Event Card, which contains two tiers of rewards, some of which can be unlocked with Event Tickets. If you're after the best gear and you're in a hurry, then like the Destiny 2 season pass, you'll need to pay to unlock the premium tier of the Event Card. That works out to $10 for the in-game currency or 1,000 Silver in total.

One of the other rewards that you'll unlock immediately is a cute summer hat shell for your ghost, to help cool the little fella down during a hot firefight. The new Solstice armor are available with both free and paid glows like in previous years. Similar to last year, fully upgrading a piece of armor with Kindling will cause it to glow.

Solstice rewards

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This year's Solstice armor is once again shiny and has a resplendent design that can be enhanced by unlocking ornaments for it that add a colorful glow. Essentially, you can make your Guardian look like a feudal knight at a warehouse rave.

Bonfire Bash

Taking place in the European Aerial Zone, Bonfire Bash is a simple-but-fun event. You'll join a fireteam, take down waves of enemies and build a stock of paracausal bonfires. Build the bonfire, wipe out all the enemies before they extinguish your fire, and you'll win the activity. The EAZ has also been redesigned this year, and features plenty of options for strategic maneuverability on a shifting battlefield.

Armor upgrades

To fine-tune the Solstice armor so that it becomes particularly useful during activities such as Gambit or the Crucible, you'll be able to earn two new currencies during Solstice that can be used to craft these stat-specific builds.

Silver Leaves can be collected from in-game activities and transformed into Silver Ash through the Bonfire Bash event, which can then be used to reroll armor stats from the armor mod screen. Kindling is acquired by completing Solstice Event challenges and is used to upgrade your armor stat roll potential, with each piece of armor limited to three upgrades.


Players can earn the new Flamekeeper Seal in Solstice by completing event challenges. As Bungie had previously mentioned, each Destiny event will come with a seal that players can complete as well as gild. To gild an event seal, players will have to complete traditional triumphs that will only become available once the standard seal has been completed. The gilding process will last until the next iteration of the event begins the following year, and players can complete a certain number of event challenges in each of the four yearly Destiny events to finish it and earn a unique event title.

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