Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Update Trailer Showcases Fire God Fantasies

Bungie's giving new meaning to firepower in Season of the Haunted.


A new trailer for Destiny 2's latest season, Season of the Haunted, has gone live and shows off more of how the Solar 3.0 subclass has been designed for the dangers that lie ahead. Similar to the recent revamp of the Void subclass, this subclass features customizable Aspects and Fragments in its design, with these skills being focused on giving Guardians some extra firepower when they're out on patrol.

Bungie says that it wanted to deliver on the "fire god" fantasy for Solar 3.0, marrying the warmth of the sun with the overall lethality of that celestial influence. Warlocks can still heal allies and rain devastation down on foes as "Pyromancer-Archangels," Hunters have the best weapon damage options with Solar, and Titans are designed to be siege engines that burn everything down around them.

One of the new interesting elements that Titans can take advantage of is Consecration, which is focused on ensuring that one priority target on the battlefield dies. A combination of sliding and doing an uppercut with a pair of Solar hammers that ends with a massive slam attack, Titans now have a devastating combo to unleash.

For Hunters, Gunpowder Gamble sees the class throw out a triple trip-mine bundle that can stick to enemies and walls before violently exploding. If you have excellent aim, you can even shoot it while it's in the air so that it explodes early. Warlocks get Generator Snap, a fingersnap that sends out a barrage of solar energy that can clear the battlefield of enemies or target a single enemy for an explosive chain detonation effect.

Season of the Haunted begins today and will run until August 23. You can jump into the new activities after the Bungie finishes maintenance on Destiny 2 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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