Destiny 2 Shotguns And Glaives Are Getting Big Changes In Season 19

Expect more weapon archetypes to have a signature feel when Destiny 2's next season begins.


Season 18 of Destiny 2 introduced a number of small but substantial changes to almost every weapon archetype in the game, and for Season 19, Bungie will be doing some more fine-tuning on its digital arsenal. One of the bigger changes being applied to all weapon types will be a Full Auto toggle, which players will be able to find in the gameplay section of the settings menu once Season 19 goes live, allowing for all weapons to become fully automatic tools.

Bungie explained in its weekly blog post that it'll be looking into additional ways for players to pick which types of weapons this setting applies to after next year's Lightfall expansion launches, and certain melee weapon attacks are also being looked at for a similar modification in the future.

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For the weapon archetypes that didn't get tweaked in the mid-season patch, Bungie will update them with more substantial changes when compared to previous patches. These are very granular changes, but in a nutshell, expect each archetype to lean harder into its core identity and to have more of a signature feel in combat. Shotguns will have a fixed spread pattern that changes based on the weapons manufacturer, and Bungie is expecting to revisit these changes in future seasons as it narrows down the right feel for each brand of close-range weapon.

Fusion rifle hip-fire reticles are being rebuilt so that they react more obviously to changes in the accuracy cone, the popular hand cannon Rose will have several of its stats slightly reduced, and several weapons will use a more modern Arcblinding effect that probably won't burn a hole in your retinas.

As for glaives, Bungie has big plans for these weapons that were introduced in this year's Witch Queen expansion. Projectile attacks have been adjusted for more reliable hit detection in networked games and melee attacks can now benefit from the Exotic armor perks on Synthoceps, Wormgod Caress, and Winter's Guile. This does mean that some slight nerfs are needed, so you'll see damage multipliers reduced by 25-30% against Champions, mini-bosses, bosses, and vehicles, and base melee damage has been changed from 75 to 67.

Elsewhere in Destiny 2, the Eververse store will have fresh stock of Assassin's Creed cosmetics next week, an overhaul of PvP is also coming next week, and Iron Banner is getting a new game mode that puts a dangerous spin on Control.

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