Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Now Offers A Questionable $20 Purchase

This time-saver may not be worth your time.


Destiny 2 boosted all players' Power level with the release of Shadowkeep. But if you want to bypass some grinding, you can pay to raise your characters' Power level even higher. This seems like standard time-saver, but the high cost and criteria for this purchase make it hard to justify.

The purchase can be found in the character select screen. There, an option lets you choose a "Character Power Boost," which levels you to Power level 900. It costs 2,000 Silver, or about $20. That's already a costly purchase for the value, since simply playing the game can get you to the same point within 5-6 hours of play.

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Destiny 2's new character Power boosting screen
Destiny 2's new character Power boosting screen

But the item is only usable if you have another character who has already reached level 900, which essentially means it's only available for alternate characters. Alts can reach level 900 even faster, since you can pass along some gear from your main character to speed the process along. And besides which, 900 isn't the level cap--it's just where the leveling process changes.

So essentially, you're paying $20 for a small time-savings that's limited strictly to alternate characters and doesn't actually max your level. That may not be worth the cost.

"Shadowkeep represents a shift in the fundamentals of Destiny 2, and that has only improved the game," Phil Hornshaw wrote in GameSpot's Destiny 2 review. "Returning to the moon is full of spooky fun, and while Shadowkeep might not be as huge as Forsaken, it still provides some impressive additions to the world that will take time to fully explore. More meaningful choices in Shadowkeep are pushing me to think beyond just packing my most powerful guns and shooting everything in my path. These are improvements that represent a giant leap forward for Destiny 2."

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