Destiny 2 Servers Status: "At Capacity" Queue Errors After New Server-Side Update

A new hotfix update has gone out, and now Bungie has taken servers down for emergency maintenance.


Update: As of October 8 at 10:30 AM PT, Destiny 2 servers are down, presenting players with a "servers at capacity" or "connection to Destiny 2 character servers has been lost" error message when trying to log in. On Twitter, Bungie announced that servers were being taken down for "emergency maintenance." As that suggests, there was no advance warning about this. The developer did say earlier in the day that it would be conducting maintenance, but this wasn't expected to impact players' ability to actually play. This coincides with the release of hotfix update and a server-side update that reduces the amount of Heavy ammo available in certain Crucible playlists. It's possible that rollout was related to needing to conduct emergency maintenance, but we don't know any specifics at this point. We'll report back with any further word that Bungie provides.

Update 2: Bungie now says servers are back online, although maintenance is continuing. You can try to jump in, but you might encounter a queue before you can begin playing.

The original story follows below.

The launch of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion, the release of its new free-to-play version New Light, and its switch from to Steam are all happening right now--and it seems servers are struggling under the strain. Sign-in issues have plagued Destiny 2 on all platforms, and now Bungie reports it has shut down servers altogether.

Bungie reported on its Help Twitter account that it is taking down servers for "emergency maintenance" following reports that players were seeing errors, getting disconnected from the game, and finding themselves stuck waiting in long queues to get into the game.

Logging in right now throws up a notification that Destiny 2 servers are offline. Before that, trying to connect brought up a screen that said Destiny 2 is "temporarily at capacity." That screen also said players would join the game in the order they connected, but often included no indication of how big those queues might be. It seems that Bungie's infrastructure is straining under the influx of players, both for the expansion and in the new free version of the game.

Bungie offered a few updates on Twitter as the studio investigated sign-on errors, but hasn't yet provided any information on when they might be fixed or what the issue is.

Stay tuned to GameSpot for additional updates as to when Bungie's servers will come back online. In the meantime, you might want to read our big lore refresher about the story surrounding the Hive, Eris Morn, and Shadowkeep.

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