Destiny 2 Servers Going Offline Today, Here's When And For How Long

Downtime inbound.


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Bungie will conduct another round of Destiny 2 maintenance next week, which means the game will be offline for a period of time. In its latest weekly blog post, Bungie said the server maintenance period for Update 1.0.3. [Update: The Destiny 2 maintenance period is scheduled to begin this morning and will run until 12 PM PT.]

Starting at 6 AM PT on September 25, players won't be able to sign in. At 7 AM PT that day, everyone who is logged in to Destiny 2 will be kicked off. The maintenance period is scheduled to run until 12 PM PT, so all told, there will be interruptions for around six hours. That's if everything goes to plan; there is always a chance the maintenance period could wrap up sooner or, as was the case last time, take longer.

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In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie today announced some key details about the new Faction Rallies event. They'll begin on September 26, and all three factions from the first game--Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy--are back to challenge players to complete tasks to earn Faction Tokens. You can read more about Factional Rallies here.

Destiny 2 also recently had its latest weekly rest. You can check out GameSpot's guide here to find out what you need to know about what that means for the Nightfall, Raid, and Flashpoint.

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