Destiny 2 Servers Down For Some, "Contacting Server" Errors Plaguing Season 11 Launch Day

Destiny 2 servers are down for some players, causing them to be returned to orbit while checking out Season of Arrivals' new content.


Bungie has outlined the future of Destiny 2, providing insight into what we'll get with the big expansion launch later this year and even what future years will bring. But today also marked the unveiling and launch of Season 11, Season of Arrivals--and Destiny 2 servers seem to be struggling under the weight of increased demand.

Players, including a handful of us here at GameSpot, have encountered a variety of server issues, interrupting matchmaking, booting users back to orbit, and so on. A common error is one where the game says it is "Contacting Destiny 2 servers," while others are told maintenance is about to begin (which doesn't appear to be the case). Among those I've personally received is a guitar error. Whatever the case, it's unfortunate to be kicked out of the game when you're in the midst of checking out the new story content.

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Bungie's support account has now addressed the connection issues, saying it's looking into them. Additionally, ongoing maintenance (which should not prevent you from playing) has been extended until 3 PM PT.

The Bungie support Twitter account did make note of another issue related to purchases, which it says has now been resolved.

While most of today's most exciting reveals involve content that is not yet available--namely Beyond Light and true cross-play--there is a bunch of new stuff to check out now as part of Season of Arrivals. There is a new public event on Io, with the Prophecy dungeon set to follow later today. There's also a story quest that kicks things off and sets up the impending invasion of the Pyramid ships, while season pass owners can look forward to getting new armor and an Exotic grenade launcher, Witherhoard, right away.

Particularly coming off of the maligned Season of the Worthy, there may suddenly be increased interest in the game that's causing today's connection problems. We'll report back with any further word from Bungie.

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