Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance [Update: Back Online With New Patch]

Servers have returned alongside the release of a new update.


As previously announced, the latest round of maintenance has begun for Destiny 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Although it will remain playable for a short while longer, most people will be unable to play the game for a period of time today as Bungie prepares to release a new update. [Update: Maintenance is now complete, servers are back online, and Destiny 2's new update is now available.]

Server maintenance officially began today at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT (2 AM AET on January 4). As is usually the case, those who were already online can continue playing for an hour, at which point everyone will be booted offline. Bungie expects servers to come back up at 12 PM PT, though that may end up happening sooner or later.

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Once maintenance concludes, a new update, hotfix, will be released on all platforms. Bungie has not yet shared the patch notes or provided much insight into what this will do, but Destiny 2 hotfixes typically involve making small changes or resolving bugs. Community manager David Dague did tease on Twitter, "We'll be restoring game rituals like Iron Banner and Faction Rallies to working order for all. Updates to the live calendar to come next week."

The most recent Faction Rally event was canceled in light of the uproar over Bungie's handling of content that was available to DLC and non-DLC owners. Rather than take place in mid-December, just prior to The Dawning, Bungie postponed the event "to ensure all of our players can access the activity and the appropriate rewards." Rewards that were offered through Faction Rally (and Iron Banner) events during Season 1 will continue to be available to everyone. However, there will be new seasonal rewards, including armor ornaments, that only Curse of Osiris owners can get their hands on. This is one of several changes the studio has made to Destiny 2's DLC paywall.

We'll report back with the details of hotfix once we know exactly what it does. Meanwhile, the ongoing Dawning event runs for a short while longer, coming to a close on January 9.

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