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Destiny 2 Servers Down Following Beyond Light's Launch

Guardians are running into servers issues connecting to Destiny 2 on all platforms.


With the Beyond Light expansion out now on all platforms, some Destiny 2 players are experiencing connectivity issues when attempting to load into the looter-shooter.

Developer Bungie said it's investigating the server issues while clarifying that improvements are being made to server connectivity. The studio is asking players to "stay tuned for updates" as it works on ironing out the problem. There's no confirmation on why the servers crashed.

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DownDectotor reports that 78% of people have reported server connection issues while 20% say they are having trouble logging into Destiny 2. 1% report issues with the game's website.

These server issues come not long after Beyond Light launched on November 10 for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. The expansion, along with the base Destiny 2 game, will hit PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / Series X on December 8 as a free next-gen upgrade.

Destiny 2's massive Update 3.0 has also arrived at the same time as the Beyond Light expansion. The patch overhauls the economy, rebalances weapons, and removes gambit prime.

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