Destiny 2 Servers Down And Other Shadowkeep Release Issues

Destiny 2 players are getting all sorts of server errors, and now the game is down for emergency maintenance.


October 3 update: Destiny 2 servers are down right now, but only for what should be a 30-minute scheduled maintenance period. Bungie didn't specify what the maintenance was for, though there have still been some lingering problems. That said, server performance has dramatically improved since Tuesday night.

October 3 update 2: Servers are back online, but you might encounter a queue when first logging in.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light are officially available, and while servers came back online after the day-long maintenance, new issues have emerged. Steam users are finding the game is taking a long time to unlock, while those on all platforms who are lucky enough to get the game running are finding different issues and errors. Perhaps as was to be expected, the game is preventing players from logging in. Initially, this came in the form of errors saying that servers are temporarily at capacity, forcing them to wait in queues. Players who did get in ran into a variety of other error codes, including Weasel, Beaver, Guitar, and Tapir.

However, the situation has seemingly gotten worse, and Bungie has now taken servers offline altogether for "emergency maintenance." If you try to play right now, you'll likely receive a message stating "Destiny 2 servers are not available." We don't know when this maintenance period will end, as Bungie's subsequent tweet only states that the maintenance is ongoing. That said, some players are at least having luck re-entering the queue, which could be a positive sign.

Original Story: The release of Destiny 2's new Shadowkeep expansion is imminent. In preparation for the release, Bungie is taking down the game and its predecessor entirely for server maintenance to rollout the update that will usher in Shadowkeep.

Update: The maintenance period has begun, which will render Destiny 2 unplayable for a 24-hour period. Servers will be back online with the release of Shadowkeep and New Light on Tuesday, October 1, at 10 AM PT--you can see what time that is in your timezone below. Pre-loading is now live on both PS4 and Xbox One, following the Steam pre-loading that began for the PC version last week. That also means you can free up some space on your PC hard drive by deleting the installation of the game.

Before diving in, you should also be aware of some Destiny 2: Shadowkeep known issues that will impact the game once it's back online. One of these involves recently created characters not being boosted to 750 Power level as they should be; the solution in that case is to delete the character. The original story follows.

Bungie tweeted a note regarding the outage, saying that both Destiny and Destiny 2 servers will be offline starting at 9:45 AM PT until October 1 at 10 AM PT. At that point update will become available and both Shadowkeep and the free-to-play New Light version will be available.

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Start Time

  • 9:45 AM PT
  • 12:45 PM PT
  • 5:45 PM BST
  • 2:45 AM AET (October 1)

What Time Does Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Come Out?

  • October 1 @ 10 AM PT
  • October 1 @ 1 PM ET
  • October 1 @ 6 PM BST
  • October 2 @ 3 AM AET (October 2)

That timeline gives you just a little more time to prepare for Shadowkeep by trashing and consolidating items that will be changed by the new expansion, like multiple copies of weapons mods. If you miss the boat on doing that prep work, don't worry too much. Shadowkeep is going to introduce a number of enhancements so you'll catch up with new and better loot quickly enough.

The new expansion will nerf some of the best current weapons, but it will also ease the grind for getting high-level rewards. You can also look forward to tougher Nightfall missions that will offer better loot. If you're brand new to Destiny 2 completely, the New Light version introduces it as a F2P game with loads of content available for free.

For more details on Shadowkeep, check out our pre-order guide.

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