Destiny 2 Servers Are Back Online After Another Currency-Stealing Bug

Crimson Days are go.


Update 2: Bungie says Destiny 2 is back online, fully three hours earlier than originally expected. The game has been rolled back to its state at 8:30 AM PT, before Hotfix was released, which means that any in-game progress you between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM has been undone, as have any Silver purchases.

Update 1: Bungie tweeted it's keeping Destiny 2 offline to rollback player accounts back to before it released its latest hotfix. And like last time, it sounds like that will take a while--Bungie estimates servers will be down until 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET (3 AM GMT / 2 PM AET on February 12) to apply the fix.

Original Story: Bungie has taken Destiny 2's servers offline for emergency maintenance, following another hotfix patch that's created problems. Like last time Bungie updated the game, players have reported that some of their in-game currencies and materials have disappeared.

Bungie announced that servers were offline on its @BungieHelp Twitter account, but didn't provide any details about the situation. From players responding on Twitter, the bug sounds a lot like what happened with Destiny 2's last big outage, which lasted most of the day after a Tuesday weekly reset. At the time, players reported that their currencies were missing, including the easily earned Glimmer and the not-so-easy-to-snag Legendary Shards, which are essential to upgrading gear.

The most worrisome thing that was missing from players' inventories, though, was Silver--that's the premium currency you can buy with real money in Destiny 2, which you can spend on cosmetic items in its Eververse store.

To deal with the bug last time, Bungie had to take the step of rolling the game back to the point before the patch was released, something the developer had never done with Destiny before. If the symptoms are the same, it might be that Bungie needs to take the same steps to fix this bug. Last time, servers were down from about 11 AM PT until about 7 PM PT. An outage that long would be a bummer this week, since this update was supposed to come alongside the start of Destiny 2's week-long Valentine's Day event, Crimson Days.

We'll update this story as more information becomes available.

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