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Destiny 2 Seraph Bunkers & Seraph Towers Guide: How The New Activities Work

Rasputin has a confusing set of new activities, upgrades, and bounties for you in Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy.


Destiny 2's story continues in the Season of the Worthy. This season is all about helping the AI Warmind Rasputin shoot down a giant Cabal spaceship from vanilla Destiny 2, the Almighty, after the Guardians stopped the Cabal's previous plans in the Season of Dawn. To do that, you need to upgrade Seraph Bunkers, which are new locations scattered around the solar system, and complete new Seraph Tower public events. One bunker is on Earth in the EDZ, and a new bunker has now opened up on the Moon.

It's a confusing process at first (especially because some requirements related to the Seraph Bunkers are currently bugged, according to Bungie), requiring you to earn several new items. Bunkers are also related to the new quest to obtain the Exotic shotgun the Fourth Horseman.

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Getting Started

To get going on the story quest that unlocks the Seraph Bunkers, you need to first talk to Zavala to get the quest. Once you have that, head to Mars and talk to Ana Bray to get the next step, which requires you to do some fighting on the planet. Your goal is to generate 20 Orbs of Light and gather eight of them. The best way to do that is to fire up an Escalation Protocol event and equip some Masterworked guns to create orbs.

Once you've done that, you'll earn another mission step. Activate it and follow the path to Rasputin, who will then dispatch you to the EDZ.

Unlock The EDZ Bunker

Use the transmat zone in The Sludge to spawn in right next to the bunker. Head down and talk to Rasputin, who will then dispatch you to Winding Cove. There you'll find the first of the Seraph Towers that are now located on various planets throughout the solar system. Activating a tower starts a public event similar to Escalation Protocol. Make sure you grab bounties from Rasputin before you go, because you'll want to try to complete them as you work on the Seraph Tower event.

How To Complete The Seraph Tower Event

Seraph Towers are a bit confusing at first. There's a central tower in the enter of the area, surrounded by three support towers. Each of the support towers will be activated one at a time, while enemies spawn in and attack the location. You'll know a tower is active when it has an orange glowing square around it. Your job is to keep enemies out of that square.

As you fight, a glowing orange ball will appear over the support tower. Every so often, the support tower that's active will throw out a bunch of additional orbs that you can pick up, much like the batteries in a Black Armory Forge ignition event. You want to pick up those orbs from the ground and throw them at the orange ball. Each time you hit the ball with an orb, it'll push the ball closer to the central tower. Once the ball gets to the center, a portion of a Warsat will be constructed there. Your goal is to finish that construction before the timer runs out.

If you can keep enemies clear of the support tower while it's active, the tower will generate a bunch of orbs--but if you're not so great at keeping it clear of enemies, it'll produce a much smaller number, so defense is critical. If you can manage to completely power up the central Seraph Tower and construct the satellite, you'll have to defeat a wave of enemies that includes two Champions. Once that's done, you'll complete the event. You'll receive pubilc event rewards for finishing the event, as well as a new item called Warmind Bits. Even if you don't succeed in finishing the Tower, you'll still earn some Warmind Bits--more on those in a second.

How To Unlock A Seraph Tower Rasputin Chest

At the end of a successful Seraph Tower event, you'll create a special Rasputin chest. Like in Escalation Protocol, you'll need a special item to unlock the chest: an Encrypted Warmind Bit. These are Uncommon (or Blue) versions of the regular Warmind Bits you get for completing Seraph Tower events and Rasputin bounties. You can get some from completing the daily bounties you get from the Seraph Bunker.

You'll also find Rasputin chests in Legendary Lost Sectors, so stock up on Encrypted Warmind Bits whenever you can to earn seasonal rewards.

Clear The EDZ Bunker

Once you've tried out the Seraph Tower event, you'll need to head back to the EDZ Bunker. Back inside, you'll find the place has been invaded by Fallen, who are attacking Zavala and Ana as they try to connect the bunker to the rest of Rasputin's network. Your job here is pretty easy: just clear out the Fallen. Watch out for the Fallen Captain and the big Servitor that spawn in the main room of the bunker, which are the only major enemies that might give you trouble.

When the area is clear, you can talk to Zavala or Ana--but not both, it seems. This might be a bug, or it might be the beginnings of a story event similar to what we saw in the Season of the Drifter, in which you eventually had to pick sides between the Drifter and the Vanguard. Zavala and Ana are opposed as to how to treat Rasputin, so you might want to pick the person you agree with here: Zavala thinks Rasputin is dangerous and can't be trusted, while Ana thinks the Warmind is complicated but ultimately an ally.

After you've spoken to one of the other characters, activate the nearby computer panel and head back up to talk to Rasputin.

How To Upgrade The Bunker

Now that the bunker is clear, you'll need to start upgrading it. Your next goal is to get the EDZ Seraph Bunker up to Rank 1. To do that, you need another new item: a Chipset. To get those, you'll need to spend Warmind Bits on the EDZ Bunker Upgrades menu. Each of the upgrades will cost you Bits, planetary materials, and Legendary shards (although there are several upgrades for each bunker that reduce the cost of other upgrades).

Every upgrade you purchase earns you a Chipset, which you can then spend toward increasing a bunker's Rank. You want to push each bunker up to Rank 7 to get all the available upgrades; increase a bunker to Rank 3 and you can purchase weapon frames from it, too.

Unlock The Moon Bunker

The newly opened Seraph Bunker on the Moon operates identically to the EDZ one. To unlock it, you'll need to clear it of enemies--instead of Fallen invaders, it's full of Hive baddies. The first time, you won't have to contend with any bosses or Champion enemies. But like the EDZ bunker, you'll want to complete bounties, clear Legendary Lost Sectors, and complete Seraph Tower events in order to earn Warmind Bits to upgrade the Moon bunker. You'll also need to clear it of enemies once per day in order to gain access to its upgrades.

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