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Destiny 2: Season Of The Wish Brings Back Dragon's Breath And Makes It Better Than Ever

Like a Dragon Breath: Infinite Shells.


With Season of the Wish arriving later this month, Bungie has dropped some new details on the Exotic weapon that'll be offered in Destiny 2's season pass. It's good news for fans of the original Destiny's Exotic rocket launchers, as next season will see an updated version of Dragon's Breath added to the game's arsenal.

This rocket launcher was first added in Destiny's Dark Below expansion, and its primary perk was that it was a fire-and-forget weapon. A simple delivery mechanism for a high-yield explosive, Dragon's Breath was an uncomplicated Exotic with a high attack power. Things have changed a lot since then when it comes to weapons in Destiny 2, and for this incarnation, Dragon's Breath has received some big upgrades that revolve around patience and finding the right target.

Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath

Destiny 2's Dragon's Breath features a fuel counter that passively increases the longer you go without firing it. This maxes out at five stacks and firing the weapon will empty the counter and transfer all of that fuel into your rocket. Your rockets will then embed themselves in struck targets, causing Scorch damage and will leak incendiary fuel around them, applying more Scorch stacks to anyone caught in these flammable puddles. The more fuel you use, the longer this effect lasts before it finally detonates.

The intrinsic perk for Dragon's Breath, High Octane, instantly refills the rocket launcher with two stacks of fuel when there are nearby ignitions. When fully refueled, Dragon's Breath will reload itself automatically. The weapon gets even better once you pick up its Exotic Catalytic, as eliminating enemies causes them to spawn Firesprites that can help enhance your Solar abilities and your fuel tank will be passively refueled faster.

Season of the Wish kicks off on November 28, but there's been no official word of when it'll end. With Bungie making drastic staff cuts lately and the studio's leadership facing mounting criticism of the human cost of these layoffs, there have been reports that The Final Shape could be delayed from February to June. Bungie has remained silent on the topic, but it did mention that it intends to make changes to The Final Shape based on recent player feedback.

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