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Destiny 2's Season Of The Lost Will See The Return Of Mara Sov

Destiny 2's queen is back.


After being accidentally leaked by Razer, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will see the return of Mara Sov in Season 15.

Titled Season of the Lost, Mara's return ties into a long story that has been playing out ever since her supposed death in 2015's The Taken King expansion for the original Destiny and her handful of appearances from Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion onwards.

What's also interesting in the tweet from Bungie is that Sov is flanked by Osiris, who was last seen being accused of war crimes against the Eliksni in the Last City.

Osiris was supposedly working with Future War Cult leader Lakshmi-2 to wipe out the Fallen refugees by allowing the Vex into the city during the climax of Season 14's storyline. Keeping things in the family, Sov's brother Uldren was reborn as a Guardian after the events of Forsaken and has established an entirely new life for himself as the Crow.

Destiny's storytelling has drifted into much greyer fields of morality over the course of several seasons, a theme that fits Mara Sov well as she has been manipulating Guardians and other forces ahead of the imminent arrival of the Hive god Savathun. More details on what's in store for Destiny 2 will be revealed in Bungie's showcase event on August 24, where the studio will also talk about The Witch Queen expansion.

In other Destiny 2 news, Season 15 is bringing a number of balance updates to weapons. A number of Exotic weapons will be overhauled, with several fan favorites being nerfed in the process. The Anarchy grenade launcher for example, is being tweaked so that it deals 30% less damage to bosses and its max ammo will drop from 26 to 16 shots.

To see which other weapons are in the firing line for Season 15, you can check out our list of Destiny 2 Exotic changes.

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