How To Get The Trespasser Exotic Catalyst In Destiny 2: Season Of The Haunted

Destiny 2's newest Exotic sidearm is a beast, and worth enhancing with its catalyst.


Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted has kicked off a new chapter for the year while also adding plenty of new gear to the game. One of those items is Trespasser, a sidearm with roots in classic Destiny and possibly one of the best weapons in the game for clearing the field of mobs of enemies.

Trespasser's unique Unrepentant ability lets you fire a superburst of Arc-coated bullets after you've killed an enemy and reloaded. If you kill another enemy with that enhanced burst, the sidearm magazine automatically refills and the perk timer is reset. That makes Trespasser invaluable against small gangs of Fallen, Hive, and Vex, as it melts through numbers of them with absolute ease.

Like other Exotics, the sidearm can be augmented with a Catalyst if you're prepared to put in some work during the season and grind out the progress necessary to unlock it. Here's how you can get the Trespasser Exotic catalyst.

Unlock Trespasser on the Season Pass

  • Available at rank 1 for premium season pass owners
  • Available at rank 35 on the free season pass

No Trespassing Part 1

The first part of this quest is easy enough. Just find 50 unlucky Fallen, pop 50 heads with precision damage, and use a weapon that does Arc damage. You can complete each step on its own, but if you're looking to be efficient, head to the EDZ, Cosmodrome, Nessus, or Europa to find plenty of Fallen. I'd recommend heading to the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome, as it's crawling with Fallen and one section has them charge towards you in a neat and orderly line. One or two runs there, and you'll have step one finished.

  • Defeat 50 Fallen
  • Defeat targets with Arc damage
  • Defeat targets with precision final blows

No Trespassing Part 2

Step 2 is more of a grind, as you'll be working your way through playlist activities, the Crucible, and Gambit so that Trespasser can be properly calibrated. A regular Glassway Strike on Europa for example, only filled my progress bar up by 2%, but if you're willing to run 50 strikes just so that you can grab the Exotic Trespasser catalyst, it's up to you. Other playlist activities reward more progress, so a mix of them while using Trespasser will keep you engaged.

As for the other part of this quest, it's pretty self-explanatory. Equip Trespasser, rack up some kills, and you'll be ready to head to Banshee-44 for that shiny new component that can be slotted into your new sidearm.

  • Complete activities in Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible playlists; defeat targets while using Trespasser.
  • Higher tier Nightfall completions, Gambit or Crucible wins, and defeating Guardians provides additional progress.

No Trespassing Part 3

Back at the Tower, Banshee-44 will pass a few remarks and hand over the Exotic catalyst. The job's done, and now you can use a leveled-up Trespasser to wreak some havoc across the solar system. Reloading after defeating a target greatly increases target acquisition and aim-down-sight speed for a short duration with this perk, and combined with the Unrepentant trait, that turns Trespasser into an even deadlier tool.

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