Destiny 2: Season Of The Haunted Comes To An End With A Final Story Beat

Head to the H.E.L.M. for Season of the Haunted's story finale.


The end of Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted is fast approaching. However, fans looking for a bit more story before they say goodbye are in luck. Players logging into Destiny 2 for the last week of Season of the Haunted will receive a message that says High Alert: Anomaly Detected - H.E.L.M. This message will show up in the Milestones tab on the Destination page as well, marking the final story beat for Season of the Haunted. The ship's proximity to the Nightmare-ridden Leviathan and the Crown of Sorrow has brought strange things onto the H.E.L.M., such as the growth of Egregore. Now, concluding the story of Season of the Haunted, Calus has one last message for the Guardian.

Players don't just get a story bit, they also get rewards for completing this short quest. Next, the Milestone says to debrief with Zavala at the Tower--this gives players an Ascendant Shard, and an Exotic Sparrow called Trauermarsch that matches the Season of the Haunted's gear theme. These rewards are one-per-account, which means completing this Milestone on another character will only give an Umbral Engram.

With Season of the Haunted's story concluded, next week's reset starts Season 18. Bungie hasn't given any details about the upcoming seasonal story or the Arc 3.0 subclass changes. Earlier, the This Week at Bungie post shared information on Exotic weapon and armor changes players will see next season. Players may get additional information from this week's Bungie post or may have to wait until Bungie hosts its Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase on August 22--all we know so far is that the showcase will delve into the next major expansion.

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