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Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep Teaser Confirms That Down Where It's Wetter, That's Where It's Better

New underwater armor sets, the return of a familiar location, and a cool scout rifle are all coming in Season 21.


Destiny 2's next season of content is getting deep, and that's not a metaphor. Season 21, or Season of the Deep, will see players return to Titan, a location that was previously vaulted by Bungie. In a new teaser trailer, Bungie has also confirmed that Commander Sloane is still alive--and as teaser art showed off, sporting a new Taken-infected arm--and has tasked us to investigate something beneath the waters of Titan.

Previous clues in Lightfall have suggested that an "enemy of the Witness" on Titan, but there's no word yet on if this kaiju-sized entity will be friendly to humanity.

Spelunking in the deep is going to require some new gear, and for Season 21, the theme is aquatic. Players will be able to get their hands on a set of armor ornaments that add an oceanic flair to your gear, ranging from flowing fin-like robes to hard choral armor, and what appears to be catfish whiskers on top of the Hunter hood. Yes, it looks excellent.

Season of the Deep also adds a new scout rifle to player arsenals, in the form of the Last Rite scout rifle. Developed by Tex Mechanica, this weapon has some classic cowboy styling, modern components, and some eye-catching ornaments.

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Once Season of the Deep launches, expect plenty of changes in Destiny 2. Several Supers are being buffed, new armor mods are being introduced, and the new Aspects being added to the Strand subclass.

In the armor department, several Exotics are also being overhauled extensively, some of which will be buffed and others will be heavily nerfed. Yes, Warlocks, say goodbye to your grenade spam ability that you've been using with Starfire Protocol, as Bungie confirmed that the Exotic has been too strong ever since last year's Solar 3.0 subclass rework was introduced.

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