Destiny 2 Season Of Opulence Trailer Shows Off New Activity And Loot

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We're hours away from Penumbra, the next content drop for Destiny 2's annual pass holders, and we're starting to get information about what it'll entail. Last week, Bungie dropped a new trailer that provided the first look at Penumbra's corresponding content season, the Season of Opulence, and the new activities and loot it'll bring to the Leviathan when it releases on June 4. Here's what to expect, including a new game mode, Exotic weapon, and more.

The season returns players to the Leviathan, the huge Cabal ship that was the site of the Destiny 2's original raid (also called Leviathan), as well as its first two smaller "raid lairs." It seems the season will pick up the story of Calus, the exiled Cabal emperor, who showed up in the solar system after players defeated Ghaul, the big bad of Destiny 2's original story campaign. The Leviathan raid was a sort of gladiator sport to get you in Calus's good graces, and the raid lairs that followed had players helping the emperor out with some tough situations on the ship. So far, Calus has been something of a frenemy for Guardians, so it'll be interesting to see how the Season of Opulence continues the story of the character and his big gold ship.

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You can watch the trailer below.

We already knew the season would come with a new six-player endgame raid, called Crown of Sorrows, which takes place on the Leviathan. The trailer also shows off a new six-player matchmade activity called the Menagerie, which takes place in a new area of the Leviathan. The description on Bungie's Season of Opulence website says you'll "carve your way through ever-changing paths and enemies" in the Menagerie, and it sounds like you'll be navigating your way through a maze composed from the Leviathan's treasure vaults. The site also says you'll be able to choose what loot you chase when you play through the new activity, instead of relying on random drops to allow you to complete your collection of the new season's gear.

Chasing loot requires the Chalice of Opulence, which sounds like the season's big new play mechanic. Bungie's site says the season will start with Calus sending players to build their chalice from pieces scattered around the solar system. That sounds like the opening quest line Bungie teased in its last blog post, which is necessary to unlock the new raid and which will automatically boost lower-level players up to 690 Power, just 10 points lower than the current max of 700. That max will rise again with the release of the Season of Opulence to 750.

Like previous seasons, the Season of Opulence will also include powerful new Pinnacle weapons for top-level Guardians to earn by playing a bunch of Gambit, the Crucible, and Vanguard Strikes. Gambit brings a new bow called Hush that gives major speed bonuses when you land precision kills when firing from the hip; the Crucible gets Revoker, a sniper rifle that regenerates missed shots after a short period; and Strikes add the Wendigo GL3 grenade launcher, which gets a boost to its blast radius and damage when you pick up Orbs of Light.

There's one last thing teased for Season of Opulence: a new Exotic hand cannon. It appears at the bottom of Bungie's website for the season, in the same place where last season's big Exotic weapon, Thorn, was teased. This one looks like Rose, a gun players have never wielded before but which has been discussed quite a bit in Destiny lore. It's Thorn before that gun was corrupted by Hive magic and Darkness, turning it into a spooky artifact called a Weapon of Sorrow, and contributing to the deaths of a whole bunch of people in Destiny's backstory.

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If past seasons are any indication, earning Rose will come with a lengthy series of quests and missions to complete, and probably a lot of story and lore to go with it.

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