Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Update - Key Known Issues To Be Aware Of

The new patch and Season of Dawn content arrived today.


Those hoping to get one final Vex Offensive run in are out of luck: Destiny 2 servers are down for maintenance, officially marking the end of the Season of the Undying. Fortunately, once servers are back online, there will be new content to check out. Specifically, the next season, Season of Dawn, officially begins today, December 10. Here's when servers are expected to be back online and when Season of Dawn will be underway. [Update: A new hotfix patch is out now; the update launches alongside The Dawning. Read on below for a look at the known issues that Bungie has outlined so far, and check out our guide to the A Matter of Time quest to unlock the Sundial and artifact, or our roundup of The Dawning recipes.]

Maintenance is ongoing, and no one will be able to log in to the game until 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, at which point Season of Dawn and its new content should be available. During the downtime, Bungie has released update 2.7.0--that's out now, so you can get it downloading to ensure you can begin playing right when servers are back online. Full update 2.7.0 patch notes have now been released; they were recently previewed in some detail, with changes to Exotics, an increased Power cap, and more.

Once servers are back, you'll see that a bunch of Season of the Undying content has disappeared in favor of Season of Dawn's new activities and offerings. Some of this will be available for free to all players, while other bits will require you to either purchase this season or the year-long season pass.

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Known Issues

Be prepared to potentially encounter some issues once you are playing. Bungie's Twitter support account offered a rundown on some of the known issues that may be encountered, such as receiving a CHICKEN error when first logging in once you have update 2.7.0 installed. In that case, the fix is easy: Simply restart the game. Other problems are unavoidable, like issues with the requirements for certain triumphs; as a result, Bungie will lower the requirements in a future update.

More notable are some of the Season of Dawn-specific problems. When playing the new Sundial activity, you should stick around--heading back to orbit too quickly can cause progress not to register for the A Matter of Time quest step. Additionally, you'll need to link an Obelisk to the Sundial for the activity to net you any completion rewards.

You can check out the series of tweets below, and we'll report back with any further problems that emerge.

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