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Destiny 2 Season 15 Adding New Legendary Stasis Guns For More Icy Kills

More Darkness-powered weapons are coming soon to Destiny 2.


Over the past few seasons of content, one of the big focuses in Destiny 2 has been the addition of Stasis abilities and weapons to players' arsenals. In the upcoming Season 15, Bungie is dramatically expanding the collection of Darkness-powered weapons with the addition of Stasis Legendary guns.

In its weekly update, the developer revealed how Stasis weapons will work when they roll out next week. You can expect a variety of different types, and while Stasis Power weapons will go in your Power weapon slot, all others will be in the Kinetic slot. This is because Bungie doesn't want to clutter up the Energy Weapons slot any more, and because Stasis guns don't inherently work differently than other weapons.

Salvation's Grip is an Exotic Stasis weapon that's already in the game. Stasis Legendaries are coming next week.
Salvation's Grip is an Exotic Stasis weapon that's already in the game. Stasis Legendaries are coming next week.

The core distinguishing feature of the Stasis arsenal is that the guns can have Stasis perks. These are weapons perks based on the same powers that you might be familiar with from the Stasis class abilities: Namely, slowing enemies down or freezing them completely. In the post, Bungie states that these perks can allow the player to sometimes land a kill shot on the enemy they have frozen or slowed.

Unfortunately, we don't have any other details yet, such as what some of these weapons will look and feel like. However, we do know that Stasis weapons aren't the only big change coming in the next season. Bungie is also rolling out a set of weapons tweaks that'll make primary weapons have infinite ammo, buff fusion rifles, and tweak grenade launchers. It's also nerfing some fan favorite Exotics. We don't have long to wait to see all these changes for ourselves: Season 15 launches on August 24, the same day that Bungie is holding a showcase event to reveal more info about the upcoming season and The Witch Queen expansion.

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