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Destiny 2 Rolls For Initiative With Dungeons & Dragons Crossover

Nat 20 fashion crit, let's go.


Ahead of the launch of The Final Shape expansion next week, Bungie has unveiled a Dungeons & Dragons crossover for Destiny 2. Like previous collaborations, players will be able to don stylish armor sets inspired by the popular tabletop game franchise, including Faerûn inspired armor for all classes. The new armor sets include the Apex Draconic set for Titans, the Spectral Displacer set for Hunters, and the Flayer’s Dominion set for Warlocks. There'll also be an Owlbear Chariot, Queen of Dragons ship, the Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell, and more added to Destiny 2 when the crossover rolls out.

It's worth noting that these are purely cosmetic pieces of armor and they have no effect on your gear's stats or properties. These premium armor ornaments typically require you to spend some cash to own them and previous collaborations have been priced at 2,000 Silver, or around $20 in real-world cash. This isn't the first time Destiny 2 has crossed over with another popular franchise, as previous team-ups have seen Mass Effect, The Witcher, and Fortnite armor sets added to the game for a limited time.

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These Guardians can cast Vicious Mockery on the enemies of the Light with their fancy gear.
These Guardians can cast Vicious Mockery on the enemies of the Light with their fancy gear.

Only a few more days remain until The Final Shape launches, and after players were able to access some of the expansion's content due to an accidental update, Bungie is cautioning fans to be wary of potential spoilers.

For more details on the Destiny 2 expansion, you can check out GameSpot's previews of the weird new location you'll explore inside of the Traveler and how Prism avoids repeating the mistakes of the Strand subclass. You can also check out The Final Shape launch trailer for a spooky look at what the Witness has planned for the universe.

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