Destiny 2 Roadmap Reveals The New Features On The Way

Here's what's on tap for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game in the weeks and months ahead.


Bungie is starting to talk about what's coming up in the future for Destiny 2. To that end, the developer today published a blog post in which game director Christopher Barrett discussed the "development roadmap" for the popular multiplayer game, containing the first details on the numerous upcoming updates to come in the weeks and months ahead.

Importantly, everything you see in the roadmap image below will be available for all Destiny 2 players. None of this content will be locked behind a DLC paywall, Barrett said. In the past, Bungie acknowledged that it was not clear enough with fans about what is paid and what is not.

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The next big update for Destiny 2 is coming on February 27. This update, 1.1.3, is focused around Strikes and other social elements of the game. Among other things, it will include high score tracking and scoring for Nightfall Strikes, a rework of the Emblem/Aura system, and optional PC public text chat. Following this update will be 1.1.4 on March 27. This update will include unspecified weapon and ability changes, along with things like penalties for Crucible quitters and new Heroic Strike modifiers.

Then at some point in May, Bungie will launch the 1.2.0 update that kicks off Destiny 2's Season 3 of content. This patch will add things like private matches, support for multiple emotes, Exotic Masterworks, and a Prestige mode for the Eater of the Worlds raid, among other things.

"Some of these delivery dates may change, but everything you see listed here is being worked on the by the team," Barrett said. "While there are larger projects in development, these are the game enhancements you'll find in your immediate future."

Bungie is also introducing "stretch goals," a term more commonly associated with crowdfunded games. These are features, like Nightfall Strike rewards, Exotic weapon and armor changes, and mod system improvements, that Bungie says could be delayed if things do not go to plan. You can go over the roadmap in the image above to get a full rundown of what's planned for Destiny 2.

Also in the blog post, Barrett said Bungie will begin to "dive into" the features mentioned above starting tomorrow and then continuing in the weeks thereafter. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

What do you make of the Destiny 2 content roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

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